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Two Ways to Begin a Career in Welding

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There are several ways to begin a career in welding. Today,
the growing number of technical colleges that teach welding has made it easier
to receive formal welding training. Because formal training is more common
today, it is also more important to have one in order to get a job.

Formal Training

The best training option is to go to attend a technical
college or a professional apprenticeship. Larger colleges will have a wider
variety of classes that will train you for a broader variety of processes.
Smaller colleges may only be able to teach a few welding processes, but it will
help you get your foot in the door nevertheless.

Many universities and welding schools have eliminated their
welding programs in favor of other technical degrees such as computer
engineering. Community colleges usually offer the cheapest training programs.
However, ensure that the program is legitimate before you enroll. You can do
this by contacting graduates and seeing where they are working now or by
speaking with some of the teachers.

The American Welding Society has a search page for finding formal welding training programs.

On the Job Training

The next training option is to simply learn on the job.
However, this is very rare today. Generally, a company will only allow seasoned
welders to train for a new process on the job and will not invest time and
money in a new welder with little experience.

Construction trade unions generally provide free on the job
training, but you may not be able to choose which type of welding you are
trained in.

If you have the time and money, the best option in most cases to to receive formal training and to continue looking for additional training while you are on various jobs.



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