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Tips to Identifying Welding Machines

Welding machines are something that every welder is familiar with.  They provide the power and control for the welding torches used by the welder.  The torches are used to produce the high heat needed to join two pieces of metal together.  Welding machines are capable of changing certain aspects of welding by the flow of current and are used to power the torch on and off.  It may become necessary in your welding career to identify a different type of welding machine.  Perhaps you see one at a flea market or yard sale, being able to properly identify the different types of welding machines will help you know if it’s something worth purchasing or if it’s a machine that will help you in your welding career.

When looking at a welding machine the size and shape can tell you a lot.  Many portable welding machines commonly used for smaller welding jobs are often rectangular in shape.  It will commonly be either upright or lay flat on its side.  If you happen to see a larger or industrial size welding machine or a welding machine used in specialized areas they will commonly be a lot larger than the portable units and can be as large as a table in some cases.

If you are unable to tell what kind of welding machine it is based on size, you may want to look for the name of manufacturer.  Locating the brand will help you in determining if it was made by a well-known manufacturer such as Lincoln Electric or Miller.  By knowing the name of the manufacturer you can then call someone who may be more familiar with their products that can help you determine the type of machine you are looking at.

Another way to identify a welding machine is to check the dials and welding adjusters located on the front panel of the welding machine.  These dials are used to control the welding torch and many different models and types of welding machines can be recognized by the design or location of these controls.  If the dials aren’t helpful in determining the type of welding machine you are looking at, you can always check the machine for any cables that are attached and see what they are connected to.  Some welding machines feature a foot or hand control that is used to power the current on or off.  This can often help welders determine the type of machine for sale.

If you are still not sure of the type of welding machine, take note of as much information as possible and contact someone who may be better versed in welding machines than you are.  They can often tell you right away what the machine is commonly used for and if the price it’s listed at is worth it.

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