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Tips for Choosing Welding Wire

Welding is a metal joining process that has been around for hundreds of years.  During the time it has been in practice there have been many beneficial advancements made in the many different welding techniques.  One of these advancements was the discovery and use of welding wire.  There are many different types of welding wire available to choose from, the important thing is knowing which one is best suited for the type of welding you will be performing.

The first thing you should know when choosing welding wire is what kind of welding wire you are going to need.  Different types of welding wire include flux core MIG welding, mild steel MIG welding wire, aluminum welding wire, bronze welding wire, nickel silver welding wire, and solid carbon steel welding wire.  Depending on the type of base metals that you will be welding, the welding wire should be similar in nature to the base metals.

The next thing you should determine is approximately how much welding wire you will need to purchase.  Welding wire comes in a variety of sizes; you can purchase as little as one pound to as much as a ten pound spool.  It is important for the integrity of your welds that you always take special care in calculating how much welding wire you will need to successfully complete any job you are working on.

You can purchase welding wire from your welding supply store or online.  There are many prominent online retailers who carry welding wire for various sizes.  If you do not have time to wait for the delivery, you can always purchase it locally at your welding supply store.  Your welding supply store will often carry a wide variety of sizes as well as types.  Many people prefer purchasing welding wire in person so that they are sure they are getting the right size and type for the work they are performing.

If you are ever unsure of what size and type of welding wire you need for your specific welding job, do not hesitate to ask someone at the welding supply store or another experienced welder.  They are more than happy to help any beginner welder avoid making any costly mistakes.  In time, choosing the correct type and amount of welding wire will become second nature to any beginning welder.

Ed Cyzewski


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