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Tips for Choosing an Underwater Welding School

Welders who are interested in pursuing a career in underwater welding are often unsure of who to contact for more information on the requirements necessary to become an underwater welder.  Underwater welders can earn approximately $30,000 a year for the first couple of years that they are working; while more experienced underwater welders can earn up to $200,000 a year.  The money involved in underwater welding is what brings most welders to the field, and once a welder acquires the proper training the potential to earn large paydays is very realistic. 

There are quite a few nationally known underwater diving schools, the hard part is deciding what part of the country you would like to train in.  The more popular underwater welding schools are The Ocean Corporation, Divers Academy International, and the Commercial Diving Academy.  These aren’t the only underwater welding training facilities, just the most popular.  There are also options for welders who aren’t located near these schools.  You can consult with your employer or an employer who uses underwater welders to see what their requirements are and how much experience is required to become an underwater welder.

If you feel that becoming an underwater welder is something that interests you; you will want to contact welding schools in your area to see if they offer underwater training.  If the schools in your area do not offer underwater training they can usually refer you to a school that offers the training you need to become a certified underwater welder.  Before choosing a school, you should contact each of the schools you’re interested in attending and ask for an enrollment application and what requirements you have to meet to be accepted.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can often set up appointments to visit the different schools.  This will help you see firsthand the kind of training that prospective underwater welders receive and if it is everything that you had in mind.  It is also during this time that you should apply for any financial aid that you will need to attend the school you choose.  If, after visiting the schools and seeing the training that you will need, you are still interested, your next step would be to enroll in an underwater school.  After you have completed all of the necessary training and have become certified in both welding and diving, you will be able to apply for work at all of the welding companies that specialize in underwater welding.




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