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Tillman Anti-Vibration Welding Gloves

Tillman Anti-Vibration Welding Gloves

If you’re looking for discounted welding gloves that are reliable, durable, and offer the best protection, check out the summer welding glove sale at Baker’s Gas and Welding.

In addition to Tillman’s best-selling welding gloves and work gloves, there is a new line of anti-vibration gloves for both professional and hobby welders. Here’s a look at the latest welding Tillman gloves that welders and manufacturers should check out:

Tillman Anti-Vibration Welding Gloves

Tillman’s new anti-vibration welding gloves include:

When you’re evaluating the best welding glove for you, consider which application you’ll use in your welding shop. Thinner goatskin gloves provide a great grip and dexterity, while cowhide gloves are thicker and protect your hands from heat. In addition, these new gloves with gel pads will be a little thicker, so they’ll relieve hand fatigue if you’re working all day, but you won’t have the same “feel” for your torch or work piece compared to an unlined glove.

Here are the details for Tillman’s latest welding gloves:

Tillman 1489 Double Layer Top Grain Goatskin

The Tillman 1489 Double Layer Top Grain Goatskin welding gloves are part of a new anti-vibration line of gloves that provide added reinforcement around the thumb and palms with a layer of gel pads. The gel pads provide added comfort and enable welders to work for longer periods of time since they absorb shocks. The 1489 gloves also extend the gel pads to the tips of fingers for added protection.

Goatskin gloves can be used for a variety of applications that don’t involve significant heat—the kind of heat created in stick welding. TIG welders often use goatskin gloves, but if you’re angle grinding or sanding, these anti-vibration gloves can prove especially comfortable.

Welders looking for added dexterity often choose goatskin welding gloves, and Tillman’s previous goatskin welding gloves and work gloves made from goatskin have proven to be among the bestselling gloves at the Baker’s Gas and Welding website.

Tillman 52 Top Grain Cowhide Welding Gloves

The Tillman 52 Top Grain Cowhide Palm with Cowhide Split Reinforcements is ideal for hotter welding conditions, such as MIG or stick welding applications. It’s elastic back provides a safe, snug fit and the cowhide material is especially thick and heat resistant. The Kevlar thread holding the cowhide leather together is durable and heat resistant, ensuring your gloves can handle even the most extreme conditions.

The gel pads will reduce vibration and make it possible to work for longer stretches of time. With a fleece lining, you’ll also have additional heat protection that you won’t find in the goatskin gloves. If you’re welding all day, these gloves will significantly help you work comfortably and effectively.

Tillman 1462 Top Grain Cowhide Welding Gloves

The Tillman 1462 Top Grain Cowhide Palm and Cowhide Split Back welding gloves provide MIG and stick welders with excellent protection when the temperature rises, while providing superior comfort. These unlined gloves are especially comfortable and make it easier to get a good grip.

The split leather palm and thumb have been reinforced with gel that absorbs vibration and prevents blisters. The Tillman Keystone thumb on these gloves provides the most natural fit when you need a solid grip, and the elastic back eliminates any extra material that could get in the way of your work.

Top grain cowhide is thick and offers great protection, but it’s also pliable enough to give welders great dexterity.

Learn more about Tillman’s anti-vibration welding gloves.

There are plenty of other Tillman welding gloves available at Baker’s Gas and Welding that are on sale!

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