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TIG Welding Tips: TIG Welding Supplies

TIG Welding Tips: TIG Welding Supplies

Before you strike an arc on your TIG welder or begin to try out some TIG welding tips, you'll need to make sure you have the right equipment and supplies in order to TIG weld safely. There are quite a few products that you can buy for TIG welding, but before you drop hundreds of extra dollars into a fancy set up, here are some tips on buying the TIG welding supplies that you really need. 

An Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

TIG welding will occupy both hands, as one steadies the torch and the other adds filler metal to the puddle. In addition, most TIG welding projects must be neat and clean, so there usually is little room for error.

Either way, TIG welders will benefit from using an auto-darkening welding helmet. Baker’s Gas and Welding carries some of the top welding helmet brands such as Speedglass, Miller, and Lincoln’s Viking series. An auto-darkening welding helmet makes it really easy to strike an arc right on target without worrying about getting flashed while you work.

Thin TIG Welding Gloves

TIG welding uses less power than MIG and stick welding, but you’ll still need protection from the heat and UV rays emitted from the welding process. Thin goatskin gloves make it possible to feed the filler metal into the puddle without sacrificing safety.

A Water-Cooled Torch

One option you’ll have as a TIG welder is whether to use an air-cooled or water-cooled TIG torch. Many welders have been using air-cooled torches without any trouble, though they will admit that welding for a longer period of time or at a higher amperage will lead to some pretty hot fingers.

The water-cooled torch is ideal for welders who plan on TIG welding at a higher amperage or for longer stretches of time. A water-cooled torch isn’t just about safety, it’s about efficiency and productivity. If you have your own welding shops, anything that increases your productivity is a worthwhile purchase, and that’s where a water-cooled torch fits in.

TIG Gas Line Covers

You can make your welding setup both safer and more cost-efficient if you use gas line covers for your TIG welder. These line covers will guard your lines from punctures and protect you from potentially harmful gas leaks, to say nothing about saving you money on fuel costs.

The Right Tungsten Electrode

While you add filler metal to the weld puddle, you strike the arc with a TIG torch using a ground down tungsten electrode. There are five different kinds of electrodes, but the ceriated and lanthanated are two of the most popular electrodes in use today. The thoriated electrode helps you weld with a lot of power, but it also contains traces of radioactivity that can be harmful if you breath in the electrode shavings while grinding the electrode tip.

A TIG Welding Kit

A TIG welding kit can be really handy for finding the right tips and TIG cups for your TIG welder. TIG cups are especially useful for out of position welds where you need to “walk the cup” along the weld joint in order to make a precise weld.


Acetone is the most reliable way to clean off metal before TIG welding. Most other cleaners leave a residue.

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