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Three Books that should be on your Welding Reading List

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Are these three books in your library? They should be.

“Welding Secrets”

With a tagline “No other book will prevent more accidents,” we were intrigued. This book is different because it tells you where NOT to weld. The author, a welder with 49 years of experience, explains everything in simple terms – but with authority.

The book contains many photographs and sketches, explains why a weld bead shrinks more where it ends than it does at the start, and shows (not tells) why a weld in the wrong place will cause a break adjoining the weld.

Hal Cleveland Wilson, the author, dedicated the last years of his life to preventing welding accidents. He was aware that breaks cause accidents with fatal potential. People die from trailers breaking loose, catwalks falling, construction accidents, bridges falling, and airplane crashes. How many accidents could’ve been prevented if welders knew where not to weld? It was that determination that moved Wilson to write.

In this short read you will learn how to flatten a warped steel frame, to remove a bad bearing race from a hole, how to burn a lap weld while salvaging both pieces, and how to repair a crack in a pipe. And the list goes on and on.

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“Automotive Welding, a Practical Guide”

This book, a Cartech guide by Jeffery Zurschmeide, is great for the beginner or intermediate welder. The application truly is practical. It covers projects a car enthusiast is likely to undertake, even a self-trained user. Topics include types of welding and metalworking, tools required, types of welder, basic technique, grinding and cutting, sheet metal work, frame repair and reinforcement, and tube steel projects.

This guide saves money for do-it-yourselfers who would otherwise fork out hundreds or thousands of dollars on repair and restoration, structural body work, or frame work. And you’ll gain the satisfaction that comes with doing it yourself.

If you have a pending project, want to restore a muscle car, build a hot rod or rat rod on a budget, or simply want to improve your automotive skills – this book will pay for itself. It walks you through from common alloys to repairing a rusty floor. Projects discussed include rebuilding a front sub frame, repairing rust, and shrinking/stretching curves in sheet metal.

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“Pipefitters Handbook”

Pick up the third edition of the handbook by Forrest R. Lindsey. The classic handbook is a handy, pocket-sized reference guide containing thousands of facts and figures. Anyone concerned with layout and installation of pipe will find relevancy in the 464 illustrated pages.

Pipe fitters and steamfitters will use the answers to all sorts of problems. Categorized by job description, the handbook saves precious time. A special reference section highlights the 24 most useful on-the-job subjects. Pipe bending and welding fitting fabrication – both in shop and field – are covered. Spark tests, sheet metal weights, valve types, and more fill the pages. All types of bends, soldering and brazing, travel and run, fitting dimensions, threading pipe, and relative physical properties are discussed.

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