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The Welding Before Christmas

It was the “welding” before Christmas. . . I could continue, but I won’t.

I’m interested in the story of what you’re doing for the holidays this year. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, often welders use their skills to spread holiday joy. Check out some of the ways you can celebrate the holiday through welding.

All around the country light displays are popping up, and it wasn’t Santa’s magic that created it. For Christmas 2004, the welding department of New Mexico Junior College created a display for the light show at Harry McAdams park. The project is the “Christmas In The Desert” display pictured below.

Christmas In The Desert

Welding project photo Welding project photo Welding project photo

Fantasy Lights Project

Students and faculty of Clover Park Technical College also get into the holiday spirit by lending their welding skills to the “Fantasy Lights” project, one of the biggest holiday lights event in the Northwest. For this years display, participants created a Stegosaurus for this Spanaway Park event. Below are moments from the creation of the display.

Read more about Clover Park Technical College’s role in this years “Fantasy Lights” event.

Welding Ornaments

Welding ornaments is a common and fun way to celebrate the holidays. Some create ornaments using metal and welding out the shape they want, such as a rocking horse, angel, star, or candy cane. Pete’s Artistic Welding has some great examples of these types of ornaments.

image image image image

Welding Through the Holidays

One of the best ways to use some extra time you have this holiday season is to work. True, this doesn’t sound like much fun, but when other welders are wrapped up in a Snuggie with their Mr. Heater , you can get a leg up on business. This is how freelance welders can get ahead of their competition. This shows clients they can count on your services when most are taking a downtime. Plus, you can probably charge more for your services since you’ll have very little competition. *Just smart business people! Welders of Maple Grove Enterprises know exactly what I’m talking about.

*I am in NO WAY endorsing this if it takes too much time away from the family.

What ways have you used your welding skills for the holidays?

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