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The Prevention of Weld Failures Conference


The American Welding Society (AWS) holds many conferences throughout the year that provide fun and education for welders at any stage of their career. Everyone who attends an AWS conference is awarded with 1 PDH (Professional Development Hour) for each hour that they are attending the conference. PDH's can then be applied towards AWS renewals and re-certifications. It's a great way to get in a few more professional hours and this conference is worth 14 PDH's. Each attendee is able to network with others in their field (laser cutting, pipe welding, etc) and all who attend is given a copy of the proceedings of the conference.

June 14-15, AWS will be holding a new conference on The Prevention of Weld Failures in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the first ever for a conference like this. The two-day conference will include many topics on avoiding failures from ever occurring using the technology available so that money is not lost.

A keynote address by the CEO of Lincoln Holdings, John Stropki, will be the starting point of the conference. The topic will be “The Arc Welding Industry and Strategic Growth in a Global Market.”

There will also be a technical program starting with filler metal. It will cover 9Cr-1Mo steel, also called CSEF steel (creep strength enhanced ferritic steel). Many are having a problem with this metal, even in the gas and oil industry, because it can be difficult to weld. A new filler metal will be discussed that is designed to weld CSEF steel to austenitic stainless steel called EPRI P87.

Other aspects of welding will be covered such as joining chrome-moly and CSEF steels to alloys such as low carbon austenitic and nickel-base alloys. Dissimilar welding techniques will be discussed and so will pre- and postweld heat treatments. Technological advancements will be covered that should help cut down on weld failures.

The price for AWS members to attend is $550 and for nonmembers $680. The price for exhibitors who are AWS members is $750 and for nonmember exhibitors $880. The event will be held at the Wyndham Riverfront New Orleans. You can find out more about registration here.



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