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The New Viking 3350 ADV - Taking your Welding Helmet to the Next Level

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As a welder, your safety is paramount, and having the right welding helmet is crucial for protecting your eyes and face from the hazards of welding. Lincoln Electric, has recently released its latest innovation in welding helmet technology - the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 ADV Welding Helmet. Building on the success of the previous generation Viking 3350, the new ADV 3350 model comes packed with new features and improvements that take welding safety to the next level. As well as an extended 5 year warranty!

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One of the standout features of the new Viking 3350 ADV is the all new digital user interface. Instead of the manual adjustment knobs like on the normal 3350, the ADV uses an HD screen and buttons to display information. This makes it easier to set and get welding, while having the added benefit of knowing what your current weld shade and sensitivity is.

Another major update to the Viking 3350 ADV is the ability to connect your device with the GearPoint app. The GearPoint app was created by Lincoln, with the purpose of providing the user with more information and details on their helmet. Some of the information you can get on your helmet from the app is the ability to track daily usage, predictive maintenance for parts and lenses, welding resources, and the ability to adjust your settings from your phone.

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Some other major changes made with this new model is the ADF cartridge. The lens viewing size is slightly smaller than the old generation. This helmets ADF viewing area comes in at 11.8 square inches, down just slightly from 12.5 square inches on the non-ADV model. This new lens comes with many benefits so it is well worth the trade off. 

Some of the additional features on the new ADF cartridge will make a real difference in the day to day use. An additional arc sensor has been added to the front of the helmet. This will improve the helmets arc reaction time as well as make it more sensitive. Also, new to this model has a battery percentage indicator, something that isn't found on any other model. The cartridge has a built in LED light that is bright enough to light up your immediate work space (95 Lumens). When you start welding the light automatically turns off. 

What we like about the new digital control screen is how easy it is to see in lower light environments. Also a big benefit of digital vs analog is avoiding dust and dirt getting in the buttons and knobs. 

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The Viking 3350 ADV also features the same headgear the regular 3350 has. This headgear has the X6 Cradle design, which distributes the weight of the helmet evenly, reducing pressure points and minimizing fatigue during long welding sessions. The Viking helmets are made with high-impact nylon shell that can withstand harsh welding environments. The helmet is equipped with a moisture-wicking, replaceable headband that helps to keep sweat away from the skin. Additionally, the Viking 3350 ADV offers advanced protection features like 4C Inside technology, which provides an additional layer of eye protection by reducing the harmful effects of blue light emitted during welding. The helmet also meets various industry standards, including ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3, and EN379, ensuring that it meets the highest safety requirements.

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Overall, the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 ADV Welding Helmet is a cutting-edge welding helmet that raises the bar for welding safety. With its advanced features, improved comfort, increased visibility, and enhanced durability, it offers welders an unparalleled level of protection and performance, without breaking the bank. All of that along with Lincoln Electrics new 5 year warranty on this helmet, makes it one of the strongest options on the market.

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