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The Miller Thunderbolt

The Miller Thunderbolt

The Miller Thunderbolt 160 and 210 DC Stick welders provide the punch and portability that welders working in a variety of locations can rely on. This popular stick welder and power source has been in high demand, and welders have been raving about its portability, versatility, and accuracy. 

While stick welders/power sources are known to be quite heavy and difficult to transport, this new stick welder keeps all of the best features that welders and metal workers have come to love from Miller machines while making it that much easier to use. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect to find in this new welder from Miller Electric: 

Better Stick Welding with the Miller Thunderbolt

This machine is ideally suited for 6010, 6011, 6013 and 7018 rods. A simple and intuitive user interface makes it a snap to set your amperage and heat output. With Miller’s HotStart technology you can start welding right away without spatter or sticking. 

Compared to other comparable stick welders currently on the market, the Thunderbolt offers an additional 85 amps of power compared to the competition. 

Versatile Power and Portability for Stick Welding

When working with the Thunderbolt 160 model, you’ll find  dual voltage with the Miller multi-voltage plug (MVP™). Easily swap out 120- or 240-volt power depending on your project. The Miller Thunderbolt 210 is a 210 amp DC stick welder and does not offer the option to swap plugs. 

Since you can stick weld just about anywhere, the Thunderbolt is designed to be 100 pounds lighter than previous models. Weighing in at just 15 pounds, any welder can carry this machine to any job site or workshop.

Weld More with Miller Electric’s Thunderbolt

Visit Baker’s Gas and Welding to review the spec sheets and to check out the accessories and add-on items for this popular stick welder. Get the best deals now while they last! In addition, Baker’s offers free ground shipping on most orders and is offering many rebate and add-on offers for Miller welders as of this writing. 

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