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The Miller Multimatic 200 – When You Only Need One Welding Machine

The Miller Multimatic 200 – When You Only Need One Welding Machine

Every hobby welder and professional looking for a new welding machine faces a series of trade-offs in features when picking one machine or another. Some machines provide a lot of power, but they aren’t portable. Other machines are limited to only one or two welding processes or there’s too much or too little power. Miller Electric has provided a solution to these constant customer dilemmas by providing a new all-in-one, multiprocess welding machine: the Miller Multimatic 200.

What Do Most Customers Look for in a New Welding Machine?

Every customer has different needs, depending on whether the new welding machine will be used at home for hobby projects or at a fabrication shop. The Multimatic 200 is especially designed for the home or small business user who has a wide variety of projects that may call for different settings or processes in a wide variety of locations.

There are plugs for both 230V and 120V power as well as MIG, DC TIG, and stick welding options at a wide variety of power settings. In addition, the Multimatic 200 weighs in at a portable 29 pounds and comes in an impact resistant case that allows you to take it anywhere.

The Multimatic 200 can MIG weld up to 3/8” on 230V or on 120V in a single pass.  It operates at 150A in TIG mode on both input voltages, and up to 150A in STICK mode on 230V.  

The Advantages of Having More Options in a New Welding Machine

While a fabrication shop may prefer to pick up machines that specialize in a particular process and offer more options, the Multimatic 200 is ideal for home and hobby welders, not to mention a repair shop that typically has a welding machine on site for a variety of repairs. With the Multimatic 200 it’s possible to weld a wider variety of materials with the best process available.  While it can MIG weld aluminum with the optional Spoolmate 100, keep in mind that the TIG option is DC only so it is not capable of TIG welding aluminum.  

That means you no longer need to waste time trying to MIG weld a thin sheet of mild steel when a TIG welder provides better heat control for the job. If you need to weld a truck in the driveway or in your garage, you can hook up your MIG gun and get to work in a matter of minutes. Then again, a rusty fence in the field can be repaired in no time by switching to the stick welder.

More processes means more versatility to weld more materials in less time with fewer mistakes. You only need to spend a few minutes in an online welding forum to read all of the stories about welders who used their machines for the wrong process and messed up an expensive part or work piece.

What Sets the Miller Multimatic 200 Apart from Other Welding Machines?

When looking for a new welding machine, the best way to find the perfect machine is to compare the specifications for each machine, and the specs for the Multimatic 200 show that it’s Miller’s most versatile welding machine to date. There may be plenty of welding machines that can also offer flux core, spool guns, or a 30% duty cycle, but the Multimatic 200 combines portability with every major welding process — offering a unique advantage.

Auto-Set Elite – A Versatile Solution

"Auto-Set Elite is our solution to quick and easy setup. It saves that user time no matter if they are familiar with setting up a welding machine or not. Auto-Set Elite gives all the benefits of one-touch adjustment but now expanded to all three processes on multiple materials with multiple shielding gas options. It truly is the most versatile solution in quick and easy machine setup. Auto-Set Elite also allows the user to “fine tune” parameters using the two adjustment knobs under the screen. As we do with other Auto-Set machines, we still allow manual mode setup for the user who wants to set their machine conventionally."

Arc Performance and the Inverter

"Our field test sites have been raving about the arc performance, claiming it is even better than the Millermatic Passport. The Multimatic 200 is a proven Miller topology that makes use of an inverter power source. This provides the user a crisp and consistent arc with incredible stability. The inverter also provides precise and predictable starts each and every time."

– Ben Romenesko, Product Manager, Integrated MIG Systems, Miller Electric

At Baker’s Gas and Welding, we often describe a welder as a life-long investment that should be able to tackle any project you throw at it. In the new Multimatic 200, welders will find a versatile and durable machine designed to last for the long haul.




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