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The Hypertherm Powermax30 XP Plasma Cutter Is Best for Thick and Thin

The Hypertherm Powermax30 XP Plasma Cutter Is Best for Thick and Thin

The Powermax30 XP is the latest plasma cutter from Hypertherm that provides the range of features that welders, construction workers, and fabricators have been looking for by combining a portable size and weight with excellent cutting power for thick metals and extremely precise cuts when accuracy is essential.

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Versatile Plasma Cutting Options

The Powermax30 XP is capable of making thick and thin cuts with its versatile cutting options. Your ideal cuts shouldn’t go beyond 3/8″, but your cutting capacity can handle metals that are as thick as 5/8″ (16mm). While you’ll have more than enough power to make the tough cuts, the Powermax 30 XP is also capable of making thin, precise cuts. Its “Fine Cut” consumables keep your kerf narrow and ensure that your final cut will look superior.

A Portable Plasma Cutter

Besides its versatile cutting options, the Powermax30 XP also switches between 120 or 240 V power. That improves portability as well, since you can take the Powermax anywhere you need to work, besides managing projects in your work shop. Compared to its predecessor, the Powermax30 XP offers 50% more power, while weighing less at 21 pounds. That’s comparable to most light welders and lighter than the typical multi-process welder.

A Durable Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters produce sparks and slag. While personal safety is essential, such as wearing a helmet, gloves, and non-flammable clothing to protect yourself, it’s equally important to invest in a rugged plasma cutter that can withstand the harsh conditions on a job site or in a fabrication shop. Hypertherm’s plasma cutters come certified to handle the most demanding of work environments. The carrying case and strap make it easy to take your Powermax wherever work calls you to go and ensure that you can protect it.

In addition, the new Duramax LT torch that comes with the Powermax30 XP is designed to withstand both heavy duty impact and extreme temperatures. Since you’ll often burn through a lot of consumables when you’re cutting metal all day, it helps to have double the consumable life with the Powermax 30XP.

Applications for This Plasma Cutter

The ideal applications for the Powermax30 XP’s mixture of power and precision include framing walls and ceilings; fabricating roof or floor trusses; and installing roofing, siding, and decking. However, it extends into a wide range of construction applications, such as quickly cutting galvanized steel channels and corrugated steel panels to length. Plus, they can create holes and openings for running conduit, installing vents and adding skylights. If construction equipment needs an urgent repair in the field, the Powermax can help keep a project on schedule.

An Efficient Plasma Cutter

Besides providing long-lasting consumables, the Powermax 30 XP is 70% more efficient than previous plasma cutters, leading to greater energy cost savings, and providing greater value to employers, contractors, and hobby welders.

An Intuitive Plasma Cutter

While every plasma cutter owner should read the manual and learn basic plasma cutter safety and best practices, there’s no need for a machine to be difficult to use. The Powermax30 XP is designed with simple controls that are easy to use. Welders, construction workers, and fabricators will be up and working in a matter of minutes once they learn the basics of their machines.

Praise for the Powermax 30 XP Plasma Cutter

“Like the Powermax125®  before it, the new Powermax30 XP is carefully engineered so it delivers more power to the torch than some higher amp competitive systems,” said Erik Brine, product manager for Hypertherm Powermax systems. “In addition, the new Powermax30 XP contains a redesigned Duramax™ torch and consumables that last twice as long as those found on the Powermax30 for a lower overall operating cost.”

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