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The Holiday Welding Project Round Up

From large projects to simple gifts, there are plenty of ways welders can put
together Christmas welding projects for the holidays. Thankfully, the plans for many holiday welding projects are relatively simple, even if the projects themselves may take quite a bit of time to put together. So scan through our list of welding projects below and make sure you start early if you choose a
time-consuming project.

Weld Your Own Christmas Tree

You can go big or small for this welding project, but one welder used 3,000 discarded wire spools to fabricate a large Christmas tree for a town square. Other
towns are working on smaller versions of the same tree, and there’s no reason
why you couldn’t stack up a smaller number of wire spool cases for your own
Christmas tree welding project.

Santa’s Sleigh Welding Project

This is a fairly involved welding project, but it’s something that could last
for years in your family. One welder decided he didn’t want the same old sleigh
for his Santa set up if he could weld his own.

From the Miller Electric website: “Build Description – 14 ga steel plate for
the sleigh and reindeer. .375″ round bar for the runners and .250″ steel round
for the reins. I found a photo and transferred it to the steel, plasma cut out
the design, shaped my sleigh pieces on my hammer bag and welded them together. I
then ground all my welds smooth for a nice finished look. I then painted it and
hand striped all the trim, as well as hand painted the reindeer. Materials and
Tools – Miller DVI2 MIG, 4-1/2″ grinder, Thermal Dynamics 375 Plasma, ring roller,
hammer bag”

Christmas Gift Idea: Weld Your Own Wine Rack

If you have some square tubing around, you could also build
your own gift this year. Not sure what to build? What if you MIG welded a wine
rack with some square tubing? When one welder couldn’t find the perfect gift for
his wife, he got to work building his own.

This project from the Miller website is a great gift idea since it’s fairly
simple in design, even if it will take a lot of cutting, measuring, and welding
to get it done right. It’s the ideal gift that you could work on a little bit at a time.

From the Miller Electric website: “To make the rack, I MIG
welded the components together and used an angle grinder and die grinder to
smooth the welds. Needless to say, she was surprised and she likes it much
better than anything we saw in the local stores. Materials and tools: MIG
welder, chop saw, die grinder, angle grinder, DA sander, mostly 1” square tubing
and 1/2” square tubing.”

Simple Christmas Welding Projects

Not interested in welding a huge sled or tree? Too busy to make all of the
cuts for a holiday wine rack? There are plenty of other welding projects, such
as creating simple light displays or welding your own Christmas ornaments. There are plenty of posts with ornament and light display welding projects to choose from if you search Weld My World.

Welding Supplies for Christmas Welding Projects

If you aren’t able to make your own Christmas welding project this year, then
perhaps you should consider some gift-giving guides that have been custom-made for welders who are either professionals or hobby welders at home.

Whether you need the perfect gift for the welder in your family or you need
more project ideas, check out the Baker’s Gas and Welding Online Store today!

Ed Cyzewski


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