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The Fiercely Tested and Jobsite Ready Robust Feed Pro from ESAB

ESAB Robust Feed Pro

The Robust Feed, with its ergonomic, robust and enclosed design, is the ideal partner whenever portability and durability are key. Equipped with a new precision wire drive system with enough power to handle up to 2.0 mm (5/64”) solid wire and 2.4 mm (3/32”) cored wire. Offshore variants available with flow meter and heater included. Robust Feed Pro works with Warrior power sources.

What makes the Robust Feed Pro different?

The Robust Feed Pro is the perfect tool for contractors constantly working in the elements. The feeder works from freezing cold temperatures up to 131°F. It is the only feeder that has an IP44 rating against dirt, mud, splashes, and heavy downpour.

Throw it, drag it, drop it. The impact-resistant case on the Robust Feed Pro is built to take extreme abuse on the jobsite and has specially built impact zones. It is perfect for enduring daily damage in the toughest conditions.

Internal Features

The Robust Feed Pro shields the spool for extra protection, and with the Offshore edition includes an internal heater to keep the spool of wire dry. The internal electronics are also shielded to prevent an accidents and pricey fixes.

Superior protection for the interconnection cable and all connectors inside the housing helps prevent broken cables when moving around and creates the best strain-relief solution on the market.

Ultra Portable

Robust Feed has 3 crane-certified handles with two additional lift points. This improve portability and positioning on the jobsite. It is easier to lift, carry, and pass off in confined spaces and around obstacles. It also has rounded edges allowing you to drag it easily without catching on debris.

In addition, you can get a bolt-on wheel kit to orient it horizontally and roll it on flat surfaces.

Unbeated Usability

The Robust Feed has a very bright front panel that can still be seen the in the sunniest of conditions. In addition, it can rotate 90° depending on the orientation that you prefer. It also includes the controls that you need, nothing more. The face has large knobs and push-buttons, and an integrated flow meter (offshore model only).

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