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The Best Weekend Welding Projects

The Best Weekend Welding Projects

Welding projects don’t have to take months and months to complete if you choose the right one. We’ve looked through a bunch of welding projects listed online and found the best projects that can be completed in a weekend. At the very least, the bulk of the work for these projects can be completed in a weekend depending on your experience and skill.

We also tried to find the projects that are the most practical and useful, while using materials and processes that every welder can use. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced welder, we wanted to provide something for everyone.

flower pot

Image Source: Alleys of Seattle

Window Box Welding Project

A metal window box for flowers is an ideal welding project since it calls for precise welds of sheet metal, but the overall design and material list is quite basic. Best yet, a metal window box won’t rot away over time, and using the right finishing will prevent it from rusting.

Flag Holders and Outdoor Decorations

Welding a flag holder or other outdoor decoration is ideal for a weekend project. You’ll be able to clean the metal, make the tacks, and finish the weld in a day, depending on how ornate you want the finished product to be. If you want to finish it, you can paint it on the following day over the weekend.

Wire or Hose Spool Welding Project

This welding project calls for specialized materials such as metal discs, wheels, a handle, and adjustable feet for the spool when it’s resting. While the basic frame calls for typical tacking and welding that can be easily done with a stick or MIG welder, it may take a little bit of time to figure out the spool mechanism if you don’t have access to the right parts.

One variation of this that simplifies things a bit is to weld a metal wall mounted wire holder where you can just wind your chords and cables around a rectangular block that has pieces extending up and down to hold the wire in place.

Rifle Rest Welding Project

The metal frame for this rifle holder is a simple welding project that merely calls for welding metal pieces into a kind of cross. However, depending on how complex you want to make this project, you’ll need to drill or cut holes in the metal for the adjustable rests and pick up an adjustable rifle mount.

The welding itself for this project is ideal for a beginner welder with an aptitude for precision when building projects. It’s locating the right parts that will take some time. However, if you can track down all of the pieces and you have reliable tools for welding, cutting, and boring, you should be able to sort out this project in a typical weekend.

Fire Pit Welding Project

Welding projects for the yard can take up a lot of time, but there are some simple projects like a backyard fire pit that can be done in an afternoon. Whether you make a metal ring for bonfires or you try to make a grill for a fire pit with a metal, the welds for a backyard fire pit won’t be challenging, and you won’t need all that much metal to make this project happen in a single weekend.

Writing Desk Welding Project

A simple writing desk can be assembled with a combination of square metal tubing for the frame and angle iron for the top part that is attached to the frame and the writing surface. A custom desk can be designed for tight spots in a kitchen or office, providing an extra surface for writing bills, sorting mail, or providing a home for a computer.

The welds and design for this project are quite simple in comparison to other welding projects, so the bulk of your time will be spent on finishing the metal and then adding a surface for the desk. At the very least, the welding part of this project can be wrapped up easily in a weekend.

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