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The Best Gifts for Welders

The Best Gifts for Welders

If you are completely new to welding and you want to buy a gift for a loved one, you probably shouldn’t go shopping for the latest TIG welder to stick under a tree or in a really, really big stocking. However, there are several welding accessories that the welders in your life may really need. Thankfully the best welding gear is online and easy to find at Baker’s Online Store where many products qualify for free shipping.

Here are some of the best gifts you can pick up for the welders you know:

Auto-Darkening Helmet

Sure, he or she seems to be content with that old face shield or helmet, but did you know that an auto-darkening helmet with four sensors and multiple shade settings will protect welders from flashes and make it easier to make clean welds? Welders compare the effects of a flash to getting sand tossed into your eyes. By picking up an auto-darkening helmet with four sensors, they’ll be protected from flashes no matter where they weld.

You may have something at stake here too. Auto-darkening helmets make it possible for welders to keep both hands on their torches and to begin without having to touch their helmets. If you’re counting on a welder to make you a decorative gate or to fix something on your car, an auto-darkening helmet will mean safer, cleaner welds.

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A Welding Table

You may be worried about the welding tools in the garage taking over the spot where your car is supposed to be in the winter, but if you pick up a portable, folding welding table, you can find a win-win situation with the welder in your family. A simple 30-by-30-inch or 30-by-60-inch table will provide most welders with a solid and safe work station that can be tucked away at the end of the day.

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Top Grain Welding Gloves

All you need to know about welding gloves is what kind of welder your family member has: MIG, TIG, or Stick. Then you can check out one of our previous posts that explains how to choose the right welding gloves. Typically, stick gloves will be thick, heavy material, while TIG gloves will be thin goatskin. If you want to splurge, look into top grain gloves that offer the most by way of comfort and flexibility.

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Welding Clothing

Leather or flame-resistant welding clothing is extremely important for welders. If you’re picking up a nice cotton shirt for the welder in your family, do you want to see a dark singe mark in it next week after a welding project? You can find leather welding bibs, leather jackets, welding sleeves, and light flame-resistant jackets that are perfect for welders.

The right jacket or welding sleeves will offer protection from UV rays (the ones that cause cancer) and harmful sparks and spatter while welding. Welders who invest in new welding machines may see safe clothing as a luxury, and therefore welding gear makes for a perfect gift.

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