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The Benefits of Buying Welders and Welding Gear from Distributors

The Benefits of Buying Welders and Welding Gear from Distributors

When researching the best welder, welding helmet, or welding supplies for your next project, you may check out the websites of manufacturers to watch a few demonstration videos, to read the specs, and to see if there are any new products in the pipeline.

While some manufacturers may sell their welding products direct to their customers, there are some very good reasons to consider shopping at online or brick and mortar distributors like Baker’s Gas and Welding. Here are a few reasons to consider:

Manufacturers Don’t Always Sell Direct

The first and most obvious reason is that you can’t always find products for sale at a manufacturer’s website. Their online stores may be limited or even non-existent.

If you want to check out the latest specs on a welder, helmet, or other product, Baker’s works hard to provide brochures, guides, and videos that manufacturers provide. We also offer customer reviews which can prove invaluable in making a big decision.

Promotions and Rebates Are Often Run through Distributors

If you’re looking to max out on savings for a welder or to pick up some free name-brand gear, you’ll usually find the best offers at distributors. In fact, most manufacturers choose to run their promotions and rebates through distributors exclusively.

Whether that means saving $50 on a brand new welder or scoring a free pair of gloves, rebates and special offers are regularly offered through distributors like Baker’s Gas and Welding. You can find great promotions as of this writing such as Build with Blue from Miller Electric.

Distributors Provide More Variety and Opportunities to Compare Products

If you need a quick and comprehensive comparison of the various welders on the market, a distributor can make that process virtually pain free. Distributors like Baker’s offer a comprehensive selection of products that range from affordable entry-level machines for beginners to the fully featured professional machines that fabrication shops rely on. You’ll have a full range of leading brands that are trusted and reliable.

There’s a good chance that in the process of shopping for a welder or welding supplies that you’ll recall that you also need to pick up work gloves, a fire extinguisher, or a chipping hammer. These essential welding shop supplies are all easy to add to your order when shopping at a distributor.

Distributors Buy in Bulk and Offer Competitive Prices

Maybe you can spend an evening searching online for a rock bottom deal on an off-brand welder, but that doesn’t mean you should! If you want to make a solid investment in a long-lasting machine or equipment that will stand the test of time, you’ll regularly find the best deals at distributors who buy large shipments of products in bulk and then pass those savings onto customers. When you combine the buying power and low prices of distributors with promotions and rebates, you can save hundreds of dollars at a time.

Sales Professionals at Distributors Provide a Personal Touch

If you already know that distributors offer competitive prices and a wide variety of products, then next thing you need to know is that distributors have dedicated customer service representatives who specialize in matching their customers with the best products. Whether you need to pick up welding supplies, safety gear, or a new cutting set up, the sales reps at distributors like Baker’s Gas and Welding can help you make smart decisions and help you sort through the many options in the market.

Customers of Distributors Have Online and Brick and Mortar Options

While the convenience of online shopping and free ground shipping on most orders over $50 make online stores like www.bakersgas.com irresistible for many welders and fabricators, many distributors also offer brick and mortar options. Sometimes you just need to see welding machines and plasma cutters side by side in order to make an informed decision. If you live near a Baker’s Gas and Welding location, you can easily drop by for a visit in order to view and compare the products you hope to buy.

Learn More at Baker’s Gas and Welding

Learn about the advantages of shopping with a distributor. Visit the all new Baker’s Gas and Welding website for the latest deals in welders, welding safety gear, and welding supplies. You’ll find tons of customer reviews, better search options, and all of the top name welding brands at the lowest prices online.

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