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The Advantages of TIG Welding with Weldcraft Torches

The Advantages of TIG Welding with Weldcraft Torches

When you need TIG welding supplies, one of the most important investments you can make for your TIG welding set up is a new torch. A TIG torch that is comfortable, easy to control, and provides enough cooling when you’re working at higher temperatures can make or break your welding project. While most TIG
welders come with a torch, Baker’s Gas and Welding is currently offering a series of Weldcraft TIG welding supplies on sale, including TIG torches and TIG welding electrodes.

Weldcraft Crafter™ Series TIG Torch

Engineered for the professional welder, the Crafter™ Series of air- and water-cooled TIG torches feature innovative designs that increase operator comfort and high-quality materials that provide optimal welding performance and equipment life. Crafter™ Series TIG torches are ideal for critical and specialty applications where welders need their finished welds to be top quality.

Key TIG Torch Features

  • D-HANDLE™ DESIGN: The D-Handle™ design, found on most models, allows the operator to easily orient the torch by feel for better control. This design can
    come in handy when you’re welding out of position.
  • SUPERIOR COOLING: Water cooled torches provide superior cooling capacity that increases the operator’s comfort and keeps your torch in top
    condition—which is important insurance if you want your investment in a top of the line torch to really count.
  • ALL-CONDITION DURABILITY: Weldcraft’s hoses and cables remain flexible in cold weather, and torch components are able to withstand temperatures up to 500° F. Wherever you end up welding, you won’t have to worry about the state of your torch.
  • INCREASED AMPERAGE OUTPUT: Air-cooled models provide up to 300 amps dc/60% duty cycle, and water-cooled models provide up to 410 amps dc/100% duty cycle.

Weldcraft WP Series TIG Welding Torch

Combining both versatility and performance, the WP Series can handle the most
intricate to the most demanding TIG welding projects. From 900-amp machine-held water-cooled models to 50-amp hand-held micro-TIG torches, there’s a WP torch for nearly every TIG application.

Key TIG Torch Features

  • FLEXIBLE NECKS: Most Weldcraft TIG torch models feature flexible neck
    options to improve access to hard-to-reach weld joints when you need to weld out of position.
  • GAS VALVES: Most models feature finger-tip adjustable gas valves for optimal shielding gas control—a critical adjustment feature when you need to stay hands-on with your welding project.
  • EFFICIENT COOLING: High quality components keep the torches cool under the most demanding environments. Air cooled torches are generally sufficient for welding at lower temperatures, while water cooled torches will be more effective when you’re welding at a higher temperature and want to use your welder’s longer duty cycle.
  • MULTIPLE CONFIGURATIONS: Most models feature various head, neck, and handle options to meet the demands of nearly any application. TIG welding tends to be quite specialized, and therefore a flexible torch can be essential for the success of a project.

Weldcraft TIG torches come in a variety of models with even more accessories that can make TIG welding much easier. While operator skill is critical for creating a clean, strong TIG weld, don’t neglect picking up the right equipment and welding supplies.

You can find all of the latest WeldCraft TIG welding torches and TIG welding
electrodes in the Baker’s online store on sale this month.


Interested in picking up a TIG welder to go with your new TIG torch?

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