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The Advantages of a Victor Cutting Torch

Victor’s cutting torch kits are currently on sale
at Baker’s Gas and Welding
. If you’re interested in making a precise cut
through thick or thin metal, these are the tools you’ll need. But that’s not
all they have to offer. Here’s an overview of the Victor cutting torch setups
that you can pick up at a significant discount this month.

Victor Cutting Torches on Sale

Saying that Victor cutting torches are on sale doesn’t even begin to capture
the current sale. In fact, you can save between $100 and $200 on the various
cutting torch models. Tack on free shipping, you’ve got yourself a major deal on
cutting torches for a wide variety of applications.

You can save a bundle on your metal cutting set up by opting for a torch set
up instead of a plasma cutter. Plasma cutters make excellent, clean cuts without
having to set up gas tanks, but when you compare the prices and you evaluate how
often you need to cut metal, a reliable torch set up may be more appropriate for
the jobs you have lined up.

But the next question is this: So what if they’re on sale. Are they worth

Advantages of Victor Cutting Torches

Victor’s cutting torches can cut through 5” or 6” material depending on your
set up, giving you a lot of cutting power at your finger tips. And if you need
to do a bit of welding, they can handle between 1” to 3” material as well.

That gives you plenty of versatility and power for your cutting work, and you
won’t have to worry about a duty cycle like on a plasma cutter.

Victor’s latest torches also come with some excellent features that will make
cutting far more comfortable An ergonomic handle makes holding your torch much
easier and taking away operator strain and pressure after a long day of cutting.

All of the nobs are color-coded, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re
adjusting in the middle of the project, keeping a steady heat cone on your work

The gas lines along the torch head are stainless steel and the torch head
itself is narrow for improved visibility while cutting. In addition, you only
need one cutting attachment for all fuel gases provided you have the right tip
and regulator for each cutting gas.

A Variety of Cutting Fuels

With Victor you can pick up torches that are rigged up for acetylene,
propane, and propylene. These cutting options will help you with a variety of
projects. If you need a lot of heat to make a particularly thick cut or you need
to weld, then acetylene will work best. In fact, many old timers will tell you
to always use acetylene for your cutting work since it’s been a standard
oxy-cutting fuel for so long.

However, acetylene is highly unstable and some welders would rather not have
it around their shops. In addition, if you use propane with the right cutting
tip that helps you focus the heat, you won’t lose too much cutting ability when
you get to work. Propane and Propylene are still flammable, but they are more
stable than acetylene, making them ideal alternatives for welders concerned
about safety.

Cutting Torches Made from Durable Materials

You won’t save all that much with Victor’s cutting torches if they aren’t up
to the challenge of working at high temperatures in a variety of locations. Many
cutting rigs need to be portable and durable. Victor’s latest torch models on
sale are designed with a particularly strong alloy that holds up better than the
brass parts that are usually used on torches, giving you the longevity you need
for your equipment.

Victor’s torches are designed to last and even come with an unusually long
five-year warranty. You’ll have nothing to worry about for the long term with a
Victor torch. In fact, they’re designed so well that the next cutting set up you
buy will be a Victor as well.

Check Out the Victor Torch Sets on Sale Today

Baker’s Gas and Welding

Learn about Oxy-Fuel Cutting

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Baker’s Gas and Welding Buying Guide

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