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The Advantages of a TIG Contractor Kit for the Miller Multimatic 200

The Advantages of a TIG Contractor Kit for the Miller Multimatic 200

Most weekend welders who set up welding machines in their garages for welding projects and basic fabrication work need a lot of flexibility without spending all of their hard earned cash on multiple welding machines. With the Miller Multimatic 200, you’ll get all of the flexibility you need to stick, MIG, and TIG weld all with one light-weight and durable machine that operates at 120V or 230V. You can now pickup the Multimatic with a TIG Contractor Kit that will make your welding workshop even more versatile.

The TIG Contractor Kit is the ideal accessory for welders who want to take their Multimatics to the next level for home welding projects or light duty welding projects at work. If you need to TIG weld in a variety of situations and locations, the Multimatic 200 is a great machine to check out.

The TIG Contractor Kit provides the following TIG welding essentials for your
Miller Multimatic 200:

  • Weldcraft® 150-amp LS17 TIG torch
  • 25-mm Dinse connector
  • 6-pin north/south fingertip controls
  • AK-2C torch accessory kit
  • Regulator
  • Gas hose
  • Protective carrying case

Weldcraft TIG Torches

Weldcraft manufactures top of the line TIG welding torches that provide additional control over your amperage with their handy finger controls. Rather than walking back and forth to your welding machine, just bump up the amperage on your torch.

TIG Welding To Go

The light weight of the Multimatic makes it one of the most portable multi-process welders on the market, and since you’re only hauling 29 pounds at a time, you’ll have a much easier time TIG welding in a variety of off site or hard to reach locations.

Auto-Set Feature

The auto-set option on the Multimatic is ideal for switching materials or processes while you’re welding. If you’re working on multiple parts that require some setting changes, this will be a significant time saver that will keep you on task.

Welding Aluminum

Since the Multimatic doesn’t offer AC welding for TIG, you’ll need to get a spool gun to MIG weld aluminum. This will work fine for plenty of aluminum welding projects, but if you need a machine that can handle AC welding for aluminum, check out a Miller Diversion or Maxstar TIG welder.

Why The TIG Contractor Kit

The TIG contractor kit from Baker’s Gas and Welding provides everything a welder needs to do TIG work. The torch, hose, and other parts all come in a convenient carrying case so you can take your kit to any job site and know that you’ll have everything in one place. This is especially handy for maintenance workers or mobile welding businesses.

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