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Taking the Nontraditional Approach to Job Hunting

Some of us need a job, and some us really need a job. Deciding that submitting his resume was just not enough, experienced welder Charles Prather has made his resume a road sign – and the results look promising.

What if you’re a little road-shy? What other creative steps can you take towards job hunting?

The Social Media Route

As social media continues to push its way into all areas of our daily lives, more and more companies are using this medium to find and analyze job prospects. One might argue that most blue collar positions are not found through social media, but this is where taking initiative may have its advantage. Here is one person’s take on blue collar workers using LinkedIn for job hunting:


First off, why not?

While LinkedIn is seemingly not designed for Blue Collar workers, depending on the profession, he could get some work out of it.

Hiring managers tend to be on LinkedIn. . . he could be hired and get a recommendation by someone on LinkedIn. . .

Even if “Joe” is an employee, lets say factory worker, here is a place for him to meet other employees in the same company. Mix the blue and white collars. Mix ideas. At the blue end you see: how things are done. . .what small improvements can be made and maybe see who can help make those changes on LinkedIn.

Should the company close, he (Joe) is now findable on a search engine should a new company do a background check (and they will). Findable with a few recommendations is not a bad thing.


Get a Personal Website

Along with (or in place of) having social media accounts, you can set up your own personal website showcasing your skills in various areas of welding. This way, potential employers can view your resume and see first hand – either through pictures and/or videos – how skillful of a welder you really are. Of course a video can never replace having to actually pass a company efficiency welding test, but it’s another option for getting your foot in the door.

Offer a Finder’s Fee/Service

Money always talks. Of course, if you really need a job you probably don’t have the money to spare. You can instead offer to complete a small project for anyone that helps you find and land a job. If you have that extra time to spend on welding, why not do it with your own interests at heart?


These examples, of course, are not the only nontraditional approaches to the all-too-familiar task of job hunting. What other tactics have you tried to gain employment? Have they worked?




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