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Superior Clarity with Lincoln Electric’s Viking Welding Helmets with 4C Lens Technology

Superior Clarity with Lincoln Electric’s Viking Welding Helmets with 4C Lens Technology

Lincoln Electric’s vaunted Viking 3350 welding helmet has been an industry leader for its viewing area, weight, shade selection, long lasting solar power supply, and options for adaptations. With a split second auto-shade that provides the optimal protection for your eyes and particularly useful grinding and cutting shade options, the latest Viking helmets have a new feature that improves their reliability and clarity: the 4C auto-darkening lens.

What makes the new 4C lens on Viking welding helmets an ideal feature for professional and hobby welders? Let’s first take a look at what traditional welding helmets offer so that we can see the difference.

Traditional Welding Helmets

While Lincoln’s previous Viking models provided excellent protection to your eyes and offered a full range of shading options, their lens technology is not ideal for welding all day and can lead to eye strain. Most welding helmets have a lens with a green coloring in both active and inactive states cutting down on the clarity of your vision while working.

When it comes down to viewing the weld puddle and providing a clear view of your work surface, a traditional welding helmet is good but doesn’t offer optimal visibility. In addition, the traditional lens in a welding helmet only offers limited shading for the various angles. The 4C lens is a significant upgrade in every respect.

Viking Welding Helmets with a 4C Lens

The Viking Welding Helmet from Lincoln Electric is one of the most effective, sturdy, and versatile welding helmets on the market, offering significant savings to welders who need a durable helmet for long stretches of work. It integrates with hard hats, cheater lens, and pivots for excellent comfort. Welders working all day turn to the Viking for a reliable welding helmet, and with the 4C lens technology, the Viking is even better for both professional and hobby welders.

The 4C lens in the Viking 3350 Welding Helmet provides a perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating in its large viewing area: 3.74 in x 3.34 in (95 mm x 85 mm). Colors on the work surface will appear with sharp, real world shapes without any distortion or shading. When using the cutting shade you’ll enjoy complete shade from every angle.

Overall, the 4C lens ensures that your eye strain will be minimal while welding and you’ll enjoy unprecedented clarity for precise, picture perfect welds.

Where to Find Viking Welding Helmets with a 4C Lens

Baker’s Gas and Welding currently offers two models of the Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmet that include the unprecedented clarity of the 4C lens: The Foose Imposter design and the White Tail Camo design. These models offer all of the in-demand features you expect to find in a Lincoln welding helmet but provide the added bonus of high quality designs.

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