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Spook Your Friends With 3 Halloween Welding Projects

Welded Pumpkin

When it comes to fall welding projects, we’ve got you covered. We’ve shown you how to weld spiders, pumpkins, and even a Thanksgiving turkey. But what if you’re planning a halloween costume that needs that metal touch?

Welded Costume Goggles

Some costumes need the sturdiness or steely finish that only a welder can provide. That’s why this October we’re bringing you 3 welding projects guaranteed to help you win any costume contest you enter. 

Short Sword Welding Project

If this year’s costume calls for some medieval or mythical weapons, get ready to feel like a renaissance smithy. For this project you’ll need a 1” bar steel (about 16-18 inches long), a large washer with a 3⁄4 inch hole, a 6” piece of 3⁄4 inch pipe, and a 2/2 butt plate or pommel. Additionally you may want leather, paint or extra metal pieces to embellish your sword. 

Start by cutting and shaping your 1” bar stock and grind the end into a point, remember the pointier you make it the more dangerous the sword will be. Next you’ll form your handle by pushing your ¾ inch into the washer and tack welding it into place. 

To set your blade, tack weld the handle, then finish your weld. Close your handle off by attaching the butt plate at the bottom. Finish your sword by grinding your angles smooth and embellishing it to work with your costume plans. 

(Warning, this sword isn’t a toy and should be handled with caution, for more details Click Here

Halloween Headband Welding Project

If you need a sturdy way to add horns, halos, an angler fish light, or whatever you need, to your halloween costume, the time has come to weld a headband. This simple welding project starts by shaping a headband out of baling wire. Next you’ll want to spot weld another piece of baling wire at a 90° angle, going upward off the center of your headband. 

Be sure to grind your weld smooth at all points where your headband will touch the scalp, no one wants to be poked with baling wire all night long! Next shape your wire and attach your costume pieces to suspend above your head. 

SteamPunk Goggles Welding Project

If you’re not sure what the Steampunk fad is all about, check this out: “Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial machinery.” Basically steampunk costumes will have interesting metal elements like gears and elaborate mechanisms. 

The most popular piece of a steampunk costume is the goggles. To make your own pair of steampunk goggles, start with a pair of retro goggles and add a metal frame around the lenses. Next, tack weld on watch gears, switches, magnifiers, and other interesting vintage-looking metal pieces. 

You’ll want to make sure you’re using light-weight metal pieces to ensure you don’t make your goggles too heavy to wear. Finish with a coat of vintage-look metal spray paint to complete your costume. 

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