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Industrial Hot Tapping

   Hot tapping allows work to be performed on an existing live piping system without the need for venting or shutting down operations, and is only performed when it is not feasible, or is impractical, to take the equipment or piping system out of service. A hot tap machine or manual cutter assembly is attached to a flanged access fitting that has been previously welded onto the pipe and then air or hydrostatically tested. A valve is installed on the fitting to permit isolating the branch after tapping a hole through the pipe wall. The hot tap tool is retracted and the valve is closed. This allows the installation of the new branch piping to be safely completed and put into service. Every hot tapping job is different and extremely dangerous, thus a detailed, job-specific hot tap procedure is required, and must be available to the welder before starting the job, to ensure that all appropriate safety measures have been addressed. If there is standing procedure for hot tapping in effect, it must be reviewed for applicability to the specific job to be done. The procedure may need to be revised to accommodate unique job specific conditions or situations that may arise concerning the safety of personnel.

    TIP: Establishing a hot tap company can be a profitable career, in a highly industrial oil and gas refining environment. However you must be willing to travel to access maximum opportunity in this line of work.

    The Pipeline Welder

       The pipeline welder is a very iconic, reputation based, highly skilled, and competitive breed of welder, where literally only the best in their field will survive. Repairs and inadequate skill generally leads to immediate job loss. Down hand welders must tolerate extreme procedure and inspection, often involving welding rod amperage and speed of travel for example, be timed and measured to insure the welder is performing within the procedures parameters. Proper training in down hand welding procedure is paramount prior to perusing a career as a pipeline welder.

      Tip: Although training, skill, and experience is a must, succeeding as a pipeline welder is often the result of that age old scenario, “It’s who and not what you know” that opens the door.

      Underwater Welding

         Underwater welding is an extremely dangerous career choice, requiring expertise, knowledge, training, and acquiring skill in several related areas. Along with being physically fit, intense training, and dedicated desire, an underwater welding career can be a very high paying and rewarding adventure. My personal experience and knowledge of underwater welding is limited, so I have done some research for those considering underwater welding as a career. The following web links will provide you with the expert knowledge needed in pursuing a career into the dangerous and exciting world of underwater welding.

        Tips: A shallow dive welding business, salt or fresh water targeting commercial fishing boat repair, dock and marina construction for example, is a sound choice for those of you in the right area, or one that is willing to relocate.


           Specialized welding can provide you with a lot of opportunity; however this can be affected by demand for service, economic trends, limited location, and other factors. Therefore it is important to remain versatile, and avoid limiting yourself regarding the above mentioned scenarios that may affect ones opportunities. Remember, respect our trade “WELD WITH PRIDE”, and it will reward you well in the end.

        Written by Brian Chalmers

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