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Smith Equipment Cutting Tips


Baker’s Gas has a great selection of Smith Equipment Cutting Tips

All Special Purpose Smith Equipment cutting tips are available with free shipping on qualifying orders.

Smith cutting tips will produce better results and last longer – what else do you need to know?

Whatever your application, whatever your fuel gas, there’s a Smith tip to provide fast, economical and quality cutting.  All Smith Tips are 100% flame tested and inspected.

A few of the features of Smith cutting tips are:

  1. In-Tip Mix: Smith cutting tips feature exclusive in-tip gas mixing that resists flashback.
  2. Slip-In Design: Smith cutting tips have a convenient slip-in design making it fast and easy to switch tips.
  3. Hand Tighten Tips: When switching Smith cutting tips they can be hand tightened; no wrench is required, making it easy to switch to the best tip for the job.
  4. Graf-Tite Seats: The Smith cutting tips are designed with soft Graf-Tite seats that can withstand very high temperatures and won't damage if dropped or banged around on the job. Other manufactures cutting tips use machined metal seats that are highly susceptible to handling damage.
  5. Fully Swaged Tip: Smith cutting tips are fully swagged which minimizes gas turbulence allowing for fast starts, clean cuts and reduces clean-up time.
  6. Slight Concave End: Smith cutting tips have a concave shaped tip end which reduces backfire and resists flameout.
  7. Removable High Pressure Seat: Smith cutting tips have a removable high pressure seat which allows for easier cleaning.

Smith Cutting Tips come in a wide range of tip styles & sizes. Select the best tip for the job to save time, get a cleaner cut, make for easier clean-up & save gas.

These tips are for: hand cutting, machine cutting, and heavy cutting – up to 24” (610mm), gouging, bulkhead cutting, bevel cutting, heating, rivet cutting, piercing, thin plate cutting, flue cutting, rivet washing, rivet blowing, welding and riser cutting.

Several different sizes cover the complete range from thin sheet metal (less than 1/8” – 3mm) up to 24” (610mm) thick steel.

Baker’s Gas sells many different types and sizes of Smith Cutting Tips:

  • Smith MC Series Cutting Tips
  • Smith SC Series Cutting Tips
  • Smith Special Purpose Cutting Tips

Buy your Smith Cutting Tips from Bakersgas.com, get a great deal and free shipping on qualifying orders!




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