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Should I Buy a Brand New Welder

Should I Buy a Brand New Welder

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If you read enough welding message boards, you’ve probably read about welders finding amazing deals on used machines or cheap off-brand machines from eBay. However, if you read press releases from welding companies and welding suppliers, you’re probably going to hear about the amazing deals on brand-new machines that you can’t pass up. Which should you believe? 

While there’s no denying that a brand new welder may want to pick up a used machine on the cheap to get started, at Baker’s we wanted to explore a few reasons why you may want to pass up on that amazing eBay deal for a cheap used machine. There are some very good reasons to pick up one of the latest welding machines, and there are quite a few different price options out there that may fit well within your budget. 

Warranties and Repairs

When considering a used welder, keep in mind that you may need to purchase replacement parts in the near future. Check out supply catalogs to make sure you can find everything you need for the machine and that you’ll be able to make the repairs yourself. If you get stuck or in over your head, do you have a reliable shop around that can repair your machine? 

Parts and potential repairs are a few of the costs to consider when you’re buying a used machine. In addition, if you have a tight timeline for a project, any downtime for your machine will be a major setback. 

In the case of a new machine, most come with 3-5 year warranties that make it easy to line up repairs and replacements as needed. Most importantly, new fan technologies, thermal overload protection features, longer duty cycles, and better designs for wires and gears in the latest welders ensure that your machine will last for as long as you need it. 

Consider Your Welding Machine Budget

While you can certainly save quite a bit of money on a used welding machine that is still solid and reliable, consider whether you may be comparing the wrong prices. For instance, Baker’s Gas and Welding frequently has promotions, rebates, and other free add-on offers that include gloves, consumables, and even helmets. 

Before you line up one welder’s price with the other, check out the promotions page at Baker's and then look up the different add-on options for each machine to see if you can get any additional value. Finally, if you’re getting a used welder shipped to your home, consider that most orders over $99 get free ground shipping in the lower 48 states from Baker’s Gas and Welding. All of those savings, rebates, and add-ons can really add up fast! 

Welder Power Capabilities

One of the first considerations with every welder purchase is: “Can I plug it in?” If you don’t have adequate voltage in your garage or shop for a bigger machine, that will limit your options right from the start. However, most of the latest welders offer low and high amperage options. The plugs are easily interchangeable so that you can adapt them to whatever your power options are. Of course, you may be able to find a used machine with interchangeable plugs, but before picking up a machine, new or used, make sure you can plug it in! 

Light Weight Welders

As technology and design improvements continue to streamline welders, the overall weight of welders has tended to decrease while the options and capabilities increase. Ironically, the Miller Multimatic is one of the welders offering the most processes, while it is among the lightest in weight. Older welders can certainly get the job done in your shop or garage, but consider for the long term whether portability or weight are going to be factors. 

Arc Stability and Spatter Control 

All of the latest welders from top brands such as ESAB, Lincoln, and Miller offer greater arc stability and limit the amount of spatter while welding. Welders who upgrade from older machines are often shocked by the ease of welding with a new machine that is rigged up with all of the latest arc stability options. 

In addition, many of the latest MIG welders will remember your previous settings, making it easier to start hot, and minimize jams and other inconveniences. While a talented welder will make great welds with new and old machines alike, there are some advantages in time and ease of use when it comes to welding with a new machine. 

Find Welders on Sale and Baker’s Gas and Welding

Before picking up any welder, new or used, make sure you compare the best prices available. Visit the homepage of Baker’s Gas and Welding today in order to find the latest deals on welders and welding gear. 

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