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Shop Tillman and Save This Month at Baker’s

Tillman is one of the most renowned top manufacturers of high quality welding gloves and protective gear. They make the best-fitting gloves on the market today in a variety of product lines (Stick, TIG, MIG, Truefit, Drivers, and specialty). Tillman also offers clothing (high heat, high-vis etc.) blankets, accessories and much more. For the month of August, you can save 10% off all Tillman orders this month

Work Gloves

No matter what projects you may be working on, Tillman makes a glove for your needs. If you are cleaning or cutting metal, and don’t want to use your welding gloves. Tillman makes high quality work gloves as well. Tillman work gloves are made from long-lasting top grain cowhide, water and oil resistant pigskin and heavy weight split leathers. Whether you are working in summer or winter, you can find a glove that is made out of either pig or goatskin. Goatskin will allow you more flexibility or pigskin will allow you durability.

Driver Gloves

Tillman Leather Driver gloves are made from pigskin, goatskin, deerskin, or cowhide. The leather offers the perfect combo of abrasion resistance, flexibility, and breathability. Driver gloves are offered in a variety of grades, such as Super Premium, Premium, Standard, and Economy.

Protective Clothing 

Tillman wants every worker to be productive, comfortable, and safe. Tillman’s broad selection of welding clothing sets the industry standard for fit and finish. From premium leather garments to flame-retardant cotton and aluminized rayon. Tillman has what you’re looking for.


This past spring Tillman introduced the new DualTec FR/Westex flame retardant jacket that’s tough, lightweight, washable, and cool. The new DualTec FR 9 oz. fabric will be used on the sleeves and is a combination of 40% Twaronfor strength, high thermal capability and cut resistance, and 60% Lenzing for permanent flame resistance, comfort and moisture management. This new fabric adds greater durability with ‘leather-like’ performance.  It is lighter, cooler and can be washed.

Tillman not only makes flame retardant jackets, but high visibility jackets. Welders typically need this protection, to guard them from heavy machinery and welding sparks. These jackets are produced in a multitude of colors, such as orange and yellow, and feature reflective stripes on them.

Now is the time to save and buy Tillman gear. Stock up before school, the winter season, or replenish your shop inventory. No matter what you are looking for in safety wear Baker's has you covered.



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