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Seminar: Fundamentals of Brazing


Lucas-Milhaupt Inc. is set to continue its regional training program in brazing with Fundamentals of Brazing. Lucas-Milhaupt Inc. is a Handy & Harman company located in Milwaukee. There are two seminars scheduled currently. One is being held at the Sheraton Chicago O'Hare Airport in Rosemont, Illinois July 26-28. The other one is being held September 27-29 in Orange County, California at the Crowne Plaza Irvine.

The seminar lasts for two and a half days. Attendees receive hands-on experience and in-depth information covering the latest in brazing techniques. Brazing fundamentals are presented with practical insight and the seminar also covers the foundations of brazing. Case studies are presented and both theoretical aspects and real life applications are addressed. The seminar helps individual welders understand what variables can affect brazing quality and easily manage the day to day brazing operations that they handle. The seminar also will talk about methods a welder can use to lower the overall costs of joining metal. Some of the highlights from the seminar are courses in heating methods, base metals, joint inspection, the corrosion resistance of filler metals, six fundamentals of brazing, and terms and definitions.

The course is designed for managers, designers, engineers in manufacturing, processing, and quality, personnel who do brazing operations, and production supervisors. Those who have completed the course will be able to increase efficiency, control costs, eliminate rejects, and reduce the number of field failures. Anyone who is at any level of experience in brazing can benefit from the seminar. Part of the benefit of the seminar is that sharing problem applications to get others to evaluate and discuss them is encouraged.

You can find a complete course description at the Lucas-Milhaupt website at http://www.lucasmilhaupt.com/en-US/training/seminars/. The registration deadline for the Chicago seminar is July 15 and the deadline for the seminar in Orange County is September 16. Rooms are reserved for the seminar in California at a rate of $129 for a single until September 12. Rooms for the Chicage seminar have been reserved until July 5 at a rate of $115 for a single. After these dates, rooms will be opened and it will be first come first serve. The cost for both seminars is $1250 per person. If two or more people from the same company register at the same time then the cost drops to $1150 per person. If you would like an AWS Brazing Handbook, the cost is $50 but the book is optional.

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