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Sean Flottmann - Redefining What It Means To Be A Welder

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If you are active in the TIG welding world you have probably heard the name Dabswellington aka Sean Flottmann. Sean is a welder that has made a name for himself on Instagram and TikTok by making mirrored rainbow art. 

Sean was going to college while working a part time job at a fabrication shop. Through this job he learned the basics of TIG welding and started to realize the potential of the industry. Sean went on to leave schooling and chase down a career in welding full time. After working his way through the ranks and learning all about the trade through on the job training Sean was able to be a full time TIG welder. Sean was in a management position at one point but chose to go back to a welding position because that is what he is passionate about. Sean now works on conveyor systems for his main job. While welding on conveyor systems by day Sean started his side hustle of making art. This "side hustle" is what brought the most attention and following to Sean. Sean is also a promotor and recruiter for American Welding Academy, so it is pretty clear that he stays busy. See some of Seans Instagram and TikTok's below. If you want to buy some of Sean's work you can see what he has available on Etsy here.




@dabswellington tiki-dabs #welder #fyp #dabs #tig #tigtok #fronius ♬ Astronaut in the Ocean (Remix) - David Charlos


Sean has also teamed up with Blue Demon to release the Dab Pen. This is used to give the user more precise control over their filler metal. Take a look at the Bakers review of it below.



 Take a look at this Instagram post made by Sean where he talks about his favorite TIG torch setup. In the video Sean has a CK Flex Lock Torch, and a Furick Jazzy 10. In the comments Sean says "if you tighten her up before ya start I have little issue. It wouldn't be my go-to on pipe...this is a fabrication dream set-up. Zero hand fatigue"





This is just a short summary of Seans story. To learn more, take a look at the interviews Sean has done with Fabricators and Manufacturers Association or his interview on Bucket Talk.

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