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3M Science Applied to Welding -Speedglas G5-02

3M Science Applied to Welding -Speedglas G5-02

They say you are never more than 10 feet away from 3M science. In the welding world Speedglas comes to mind. The 3M team has been working on the latest innovation for over 20 years. They introduced the world's first ever curved auto-darkening lens. The new G5-02 has arrived! We have had it for about a month and made a complete review video showing you everything you need to know before considering this helmet.  

Why is the ADF curved?

3M actually made the glass of the ADF curved. The curved lens technology follows your heads curvature. This creates a wider view without adding weight or need for a wide lens. Increasing the peripheral view for a 100% wider view!

When we tried on the helmet we were amazed with the view from inside the helmet. No glares just a wide view of your workspace. 

The glass used to make this helmet is actually flexible according to 3M. However it still meets the impact resistant standards and high heat requirements of a welding helmet. 3M is the first because they tested relentlessly for 20 years to find a combination that is both innovative and high performance for a truly better view of your weld.  

Brilliant Light State

Everyone wants a bright clear view of the weld. What is the ideal light state? 3M comes in at a 2.5 in combination with their Natural Color Technology. What does this mean? Basically a better view of your space before welding and a crisp clear view during welding. 

Natural Color Technology/Light state 2.5

High End Helmet - is it worth the price? 

This helmet is a premium product. We were a little sticker shocked ourselves. That was until we welded with it. There are some major performance and quality upgrades on this hood. Starting with the outside shell and design. You can feel the plastic is robust and durable. Without adding weight 3M designed the slim shell for an industrial environment. 

Other differentiating design differences include the side flush headgear adjustments. Easy to tighten with or without welding glove on. Headgear is basic and comfortable. Lightweight helmet is evenly distributed and vented so while welding you have reduced humidity. Also the ADF is recessed back so if placed face down you will not scratch the lens. 

Four arc sensors creates a reliable switch at even super low TIG settings. (<1 amp) Making this helmet super ideal for TIG welders. Seeing that detail for precision is possible with the G5. 

You feel like a professional with this helmet. The view and clarity is unreal. We MIG, Stick and TIG welded with this helmet. This might be our favorite welding helmet yet. Not a single compromise on this hemet. The only thing it does not have is grind mode. You can turn the sensitivity all of the way down, or just use a grinding shield and save your G5 for welding! 

Packed with 3M Technology

This helmet is simple with advanced features. For example 3M designed the internal adjustments with the welder in mind. Easy to reach buttons, ability to save programs, and large buttons and clear settings for quick changes on the go. 

In addition to the traditional way to change settings 3M introduced 3M Connect a bluetooth connection to an app on your phone. This is pretty neat and useful. Simple to connect and once connected you have your helmet at your fingertips. Live ability to adjust settings, save up to 10 settings, view battery, SN, part numbers for consumables and more! (Closer look at how it works in our video) 

Curved ADF Bluetooth
 Overall Review 

We give this our stamp of approval. It is an expensive helmet, but you get what you pay for. This would be recommended for someone who wants to invest in a welding tool. Your eyes will appreciate it and you will probably not want to weld with anything else. If you have comments or questions let us know! We do have the G5-02 and consumables in stock at Bakersgas.com! 

Marta L.


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