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Save on the Best Welding Gear for Fall Projects

Summer is over, and the fall promises plenty of weekends to work on home improvement or welding projects. Of course every project requires the right tools for the job. Before you plan one last barbecue for Labor Day, check out the great end of summer sales at Baker’s Gas and Welding.


At Baker’s Gas and Welding you’ll find best-selling welding gloves, top-rated welding helmets, and comfortable work gloves available for discounted prices and merged with additional giveaways and special offers. Here’s a round up of some of our most popular welding gear that will come in handy for your fall welding projects:

Tillman Top Grain Cowhide Drivers Gloves

These long-lasting work gloves provide the best in comfort and an unbeatably snug fit for drivers, metal workers, or anyone working on a project at home. Their top grain pearl cowhide palms are ready for handling sharp and rough materials, while the keystone thumb provides excellent support and comfort. If you work in welding or fabrication, save your welding gloves from holes and unnecessary wear by using these specialized gloves around your shop.

Tillman TrueFit Goatskin Work Gloves

If you’re working on a project that calls for a glove with a more precise fit, consider these highly-rated goatskin work gloves from Tillman that are made from top grain goatskin and offer an extremely snug fit thanks to their spandex backing. You’ll max out in dexterity with these gloves that remove the bulk found in other work gloves while still protecting your hands with a reinforced palm and thumb to minimize wear over time.

Lincoln TIG Welding Gloves

These strong, form-fitting TIG welding gloves offer an excellent range of movement and superior protection with their extra long cuffs. You’ll enjoy the comfort of top-notch goat skin leather mixed with split grain cow hide on the cuff that combines the best in dexterity while still protecting you from your arc.

The unlined padded palm adds to the comfort and flexibility of these lightweight gloves. The seams are stitched with high quality, heat-resistant Kevlar thread that will ensure they provide the protection you need for the long term.

Miller’s Digital Elite Welding Helmet

If you cut corners when you buy a welding helmet, you may end up cutting some literal corners while welding! Miller’s Digital Elite is among the top welding helmets on the market. With a large viewing area that is 9.22 square inches and four arc sensors, you’ll receive the best in protection and visibility. Just strike your arc and the Digital Elite will engage one of its many shade options in a fraction of a second.

For serious hobby welders and professionals who work out of position frequently, the Digital Elite’s X-Mode feature provides the best eye protection around with its sensors that pick up flashes even when the four standard sensors are blocked. X-Mode also blocks glare from sunlight for the best possible field of vision.


Lincoln 3350 New Black Viking Welding Helmet

The latest release in the Viking welding helmet line promises the best in clarity and viewing area size with it’s 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating and a generous 3.74 x 3.34 inch viewing area. This auto-darkening helmet is solar-powered for long-lasting battery life and eliminates all hazing from the viewing area.

Welders working at home for a few hours or all day in fabrication or repair work will find this versatile and heavy-duty helmet ideal for all of their projects. It comes in a comfortable pivot style, has the capacity to adapt for a hard hat, and has a spot for a cheater lens. You’ll find a full range of shade options, including a grind mode so that you can work without changing helmets or shades manually.

For welding in all angles, positions, and capacities, the new Viking 3350 provides the reliable protection all welders are looking for.

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