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Save on Miller Welders Before Build with Blue Ends

Miller’s Build with Blue promotion is slated to end on June 30th, ending the massive savings that come with rebates and the rock bottom prices at Baker’s Gas and Welding. This rebate offer includes some of the most popular and powerful machines offered from Miller Electric, from the Millermatic 211 MIG welder to the Miller Trailblazer 325. Here’s one final roundup of the machines on sale, as well as the additional discounted or free Miller welding gear in the mix:

Build with Blue Includes Welding Gear

Whether you need a new welding helmet, welding jacket, spool gun for welding aluminum, welding gloves, or a welding cart for your shop or garage, you can add on a variety of welding accessories and supplies in order to increase your savings when you purchase a welder or plasma cutter during the Build with Blue promotion.

Miller Trailblazer 325 (Kohler) w/ EFI

The Miller Trailblazer is a popular welder and power source that operates efficiently, minimizing noise and heat when running on job sites. It’s compact design makes it ideal mobile welding trucks or welders who need a portable machine on the go. The Trailblazer’s fuel efficient design saves you money on fuel while also minimizing the amount of exhaust while you weld.

Offering a wide amperage range that gives welders more control, the Trailblazer provides a smooth arc and excellent control over its precise parameters. Under the Build with Blue Promotion you’ll add a $300 rebate to the nearly $1500 already slashed from the retail price.

The Miller Syncrowave 210 AC/DC TIG Welder

When you need a highly versatile and powerful welder, the Miller Syncrowave 210 has you covered with its wide range of AC/DC TIG welding and stick welding options. Just input the thickness of the material you’re working on, and the Syncrowave’s Pro-Set feature will adjust to the appropriate parameters for welding.

When TIG welding aluminum, the AC balance control offers adjustable oxide removal for a cleaner, stronger weld, while the Syncrowave’s pulsing feature makes it simple to have a stable arc and to move at a travel speed that minimizes heat input and distortion.

If you need to stick weld with a smoother E7018 electrode or a penetrating E6010 electrode, DIG control alters the arc according to the electrode you choose and improve the quality of your welds.

Learn more about the Miller Syncrowave 210

The Miller Diversion 180 AC/DC TIG Welder

If you’re looking for a portable but easy to use TIG welder that packs a punch, consider the Miller Diversion 180 AC/DC TIG welder that makes it a snap to start welding with its High Frequency non-contact arc starts. You’ll also weld efficiently with a steady arc because of its inverter-based power source.

Easy to use and designed with a wide range of welding abilities in mind, the interface is easy to navigate and you only need to know your material’s thickness in order to start welding.

Picking up a Miller Diversion today will also include a Miller cover for your welder, Miller TIG gloves, and a Mill consumable kit.

Learn more about the Miller Diversion 180 AC/DC TIG Welder

Other Miller Machines on Sale During Build with Blue

The Miller Spectrum 375 X-TREME XT30 (120/240 VOLTS, 1-PHASE)

Save an additional $75 on top of the $100 rebate for the Miller Spectrum plasma cutter or pick up a free consumable kit during the Build with Blue promotion. This dual voltage plasma cutter has an Electronic Pilot Arc Controller that automatically controls the pilot circuit to expand metal cutting ability and to increase productivity.

The Millermatic 211 MIG Welder with Advanced Auto Set

In addition to a $50 rebate savings on this very popular MIG welder, the current promotion at Baker’s includes a free 30oz YETI Cup, a Miller Consumable Kit, and Miller Classic Series MIG Welding Gloves.

Stack Up Your Savings with Build with Blue

Miller’s best sale of the season is ending on June 30th, so make sure you drop by Baker’s Gas and Welding now to check out deep discounts on Miller’s industry-leading welders and the significant savings and free add-on items that you can include in your welder or plasma cutter purchase.

Learn more about Build with Blue



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