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Save on Fuel by Running Your Truck on Propane

Save on Fuel by Running Your Truck on Propane

How can you improve the fuel efficiency of your trucks and other vehicles? If you need the hauling capacity of a truck and want to save on fuel costs, consider the ICOM JTG propane systems that are installed by gas retailers such as Baker’s Gas and Welding and easily refilled just like a typical fuel fill up. 

Here's a rough example of what it could look like.

Propane truck 

Why Run Your Car on Propane?

Adding an ICOM propane system to your car or truck provides the benefit of extending your mileage since this dual fuel system starts up on gas and then, as the engine warms up, switches to propane. After using up the 28 gallon propane tank, your fuel system then switches back to gas without missing a beat.

Running your truck or car on liquid propane will minimize the wear and tear on your engine because propane burns much cleaner than gasoline. Some regular propane fuel users report that they can wait until 15,000 miles before needing an oil change. You’ll also minimize your pollution from emissions.

Is Propane Fuel Cheaper for a Truck or Car?

Using a 28 gallon propane system in a typical Ford 2017 pickup truck will result in about 12 miles per gallon on propane, while typical fuel efficiency on gasoline will be 16 miles per gallon. While you lose some efficiency, propane tends to be a dollar cheaper or half the price of gasoline depending on local fuel price trends. Regardless, you will certainly save money on fuel costs, oil changes, and engine repairs over time.

You can easily fill up your car or truck at a certified filling station such as Baker’s Gas and Welding. This fuel system uses a typical RV hook up connection to the propane fuel tank and fills up in a matter of minutes.

Is This Propane Fuel System Complicated?

The latest models from ICOM are very reliable and easy to use. A simple fuel gauge is attached to your dashboard in order to keep track of your propane consumption. The system is easily installed in a day, placing the fuel system where a spare tire is usually stored in a truck.

The sales vehicles for Baker’s Gas and Welding are all running on these propane fuel systems, and many trucking companies or companies that rely on regular deliveries are making the switch. In addition, many brand name vehicles are easily adapted to this system, including Ford, GM, Chevy, and Dodge.

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