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Save Big with Miller Electric’s Rebate for Premium Welding Helmets

Save Big with Miller Electric’s Rebate for Premium Welding Helmets

The Miller Electric welding helmets at Baker’s Gas and Welding are regularly discounted by up to $100. But keep a look out for Miller Electric welding helmet and submit a simple rebate.

Miller’s welding helmets are among the most durable and offer some of the best protection and versatility on the market. From X-Mode that protects welders from all flashes to the newly added Info Track that follows the arc automatically, Miller has put everything on the table, and now is the time to find the best deal on a brand new welding helmet.

Here’s what you’ll find with Miller’s top welding helmets that are included in the rebate:

9400 Titanium Welding Helmets

For welders working in the toughest, hottest environments, the new Titanium helmet series provides a truly first class welding helmet. Whether you’re welding for overtime hours or working in a particularly hot location, the Titanium series has a lightweight but rugged shell that is designed to reflect radiant heat without weighing you down.

You’ll also be able to quickly snap out your front cover lens throughout the day, saving on work time and increasing your productivity. Miller’s welding helmet lenses are protected by a reinforced heat shield that is supported by rugged shock absorbing gaskets that can endure the most demanding work environments.

Among the unique options that the Titanium welding helmets offer, Info Track allows the lens to track the arc while you weld. In addition, a simple push of a button will switch your helmet to grind mode for smooth transitions while you work. When you’re welding all day and every minute counts on a project, Miller’s Titanium welding helmet will provide the value and protection that you need.

Miller Electric Digital Elite Welding Helmet

The Digital Elite has been the gold standard for years among Miller’s welding helmets, providing tremendous protection with its X-Mode setting that catches flashes in all positions and offers a generous 9.22 square inch viewing area. You’ll also find a wide variety of shades, and modes for welding in various positions and settings: Weld (Shade 8-13), Cut (Shade 5-8), Grind (Shade 3) and X-Mode (Shade 8-13).

The headgear for the Digital Elite has been upgraded for even greater comfort, while the controls have been modified to make them easier to read while you work.

Best yet, Baker’s will include a free pair of Miller metal working gloves, a helmet carrying bag, and a replacement shade for free for a limited time with your purchase of this helmet adding tremendous value and convenience to this already deeply discounted premier welding helmet.

Learn more about the Miller Electric Digital Elite Today.

Miller Electric Digital Infinity Welding Helmet

Much like the Digital Elite that offers four arc sensors and X-Mode for maximum safety, the Digital Infinity series provides a full range of welding and grinding shades. It’s especially well suited for the low-amperage precision called for while TIG welding. If you need superior visibility for the most demanding welding jobs, the Digital Infinity has everything you need when you’re welding at 5 amps.

In addition, the Digital Infinity includes Info Track advanced lens technology and all of Miller’s latest headgear updates to make it extremely user-friendly and comfortable.

If you’re a professional welder who needs a sturdy, reliable, and highly functional welding helmet, the Digital Infinity should mark off every box on your checklist for a top-notch welding helmet.

Learn more about Miller Electric’s Digital Infinity Welding Helmet.

Save with Miller Electric Welding Rebate Promotions

Don’t let this limited time rebate offer pass by. You can get the best in protection and comfort for your welding work by taking advantage of the tremendous discounts at Baker’s Gas and Welding this season.

Learn more about the Miller Electric Welding Helmet Rebate.

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