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Save Big on Miller Electric’s Welding Supply Bundles

Save Big on Miller Electric’s Welding Supply Bundles

Now is the time save big on Miller Electric’s bestselling welders. Miller Electric has introduced the newest version of their popular Build with Blue rebate program. In sweetening the deal, Miller has now added the ability to bundle your welding accessories and additional equipment with each welder. Here’s the rundown on how you can save big right now:

Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder Bundle

As one of the most popular multi-process welding machines on the market, the Multimatic 215 from Miller Electric functions at its highest capacity when it’s fully rigged up with all of the additional welding kits. For instance, MIG welding aluminum is a breeze when you run the lighter aluminum wire through a Spoolmate gun that attaches directly to your welder. The Spoolmate comes in the 100 and 150 models, with the 150 offering a higher duty cycle and 20 foot lead that is 8 feet longer than the 100 model.

Besides the efficiency and simplicity of the Spoolmate, buyers of the Multimatic 215 will also benefit from the TIG kit option that bundles together all of the essential TIG welding tools.  This kit includes the Weldcraft A-150 TIG torch with flow-through Dinse connector, RFCS-RJ45 foot control, flow regulator & gas hose and an AK2C torch accessory kit.

In addition, Miller is offering a Bundle Bonus of $100 Rebate on machine up to $300 when you buy all items in this bundle or $500 in any Miller items. This bundle not only has everything you need to MIG, TIG and Stick it also maximizes your savings and rebate!

Learn more about the Miller Multimatic 215

Millermatic 211 Bundle MIG Welder

Miller’s reliable MIG welder has long been a favorite with its smooth starts. It’s inverter technology ensures a stable but forgiving arc. The auto-set technology makes it easier than ever work with a variety of wire and gas combinations.

With Miller’s latest bundle offer, you can save big when you add in the convenience of a Spoolmate 100 wire feeder for aluminum projects, heavy duty MIG gloves, and a protective cover for your welding machine. Consumables and wire bundles make it affordable to keep your welding shop well stocked. Miller is also adding a bundle bonus $100 Rebate up to $300 when you buy an additional $500 worth of Miller accessories.

Learn more about the MIllermatic 211 MIG Welder

Millermatic 252 MIG Welder

Looking for a MIG welder with the highest output in its class? Then the Millermatic 252 is the machine for you. It is no longer a part of the Build with Blue rebate, but Baker’s Gas has made it so you can still get a great deal on a great machine. This heavy duty machine  (250A at 28VDC)  offers the convenience and reliability of auto gun detect technology, push pull gun direct connection, and line voltage compensation. Welders will get to work faster and weld better with its active arc stabilizer.

If you want to save big on accessories, Miller is also offering the same accessory bundles listed with the above machines.  Now welders working on both small and large projects won’t miss out on these opportunities to save big.

Learn more about the Millermatic 252

Add-ons for Every Miller Electric Welder

Welding expenses can add up over time. Miller’s new bundle offer can lead to big savings over the long term, and saving on maintenance costs. Every welder should have a collection of consumables on hand. You can also add a consumable kit based on the different sizes you’ll need (.23, .30, or .35). Welders also tend to bundle in additional contact tips so that they won’t get stuck while working on a project.

A cover for a welding machine keeps dust out of the mechanical parts while stored in the garage. A cart makes it easy to shift your welder to any location in your shop or garage. Keep an eye out for helmets, gloves, and jackets on sale at Baker’s as well. You can usually add them on at a discount depending on the promotion.

Miller Electric Welders and More on Sale

Miller’s Build with Blue promotion will run through the end of June. With additional opportunities to bundle your purchases together to max out your savings and rebates, now is the time look into upgrading your machine or to pick up your first Miller welder.

Get the latest Miller promotions and bundles through the Build with Blue sale before it ends!

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