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Safety and Performance – Victor Edge Regulators

Victor EDGE regulators

Victor’s latest torch ELC4 Edge regulators are the latest update in their series of regulators. They have been completely revamped over the years in order to provide the best in safety and efficiency for all torch cutting projects.

Victor has been taking feedback from customers and distributors over the years. They have created a regulator that is more compact, safer, and easier to use than the competition. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from this industry leading regulator:

Compact, Light, and Secure

Victor’s latest Edge ELC4 regulator uses only the best parts to deliver a long-lasting and sturdy regulator. The internal and external components include:  a forged brass body, a Zinc-Aluminum housing cap, a high impact ABS gauge guard, and a sintered inlet filter – nickel plated bronze. 

Besides top quality components, the Victor ELC4 Edge Regulator continues to offer a sleek, compact design. They have minimal impact points should your regulator tip over in order to minimize safety concerns.

Sturdy, Effective Edge Regulators

Victor’s regulators are tough and durable when under pressure or upon impact. The shock absorbing knob is among the toughest in the industry, withstanding up to 5,000 pounds of force.

Besides their highly durable construction, they also maintain a consistent supply of gas under high or low pressure. The bolt on housing cap provides a secure seal that guarantees this kind of reliable performance.

Regulators that Are Easy to Use

When it comes to getting your gas flow just right, Victor’s regulators are designed to be comfortable, easy to see, and precise for each adjustment. Victor designs them to be in natural positions for simple adjustments. Furthermore, their grips were also designed for easy use.

A simple color coded system on all of Victor’s regulators make it simple to match up your regulator with each gas. When it’s time to take inventory, this easily recognized color coding system can save time and reduce errors.

Exceeding Safety Standards

Over the years, Victor’s regulators have consistently met or exceeded industry safety standards. The Edge regulator meets the CGA E-4 Heated Oxygen Impact Test standards. They also offer the highest resistance to oxygen related fires in the industry by passing the ASTM G-175 Heated Ignition Test.

Don’t Go Cheap on Safety

Victor’s Edge Regulators have consistently proven themselves to be among the safest, most reliable, and sturdiest in the industry. They offer exceptional value and superior safety that make them well worth the investment. Customers can purchase the Victor regulators at Bakersgas.com.

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