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Industry Welding Pay Per Hour. We are talking about it!

Welding students in Texas continue to enjoy excellent job opportunities thanks to the booming energy sector that includes refineries, chemical plants, offshore oil and natural gas. While some reported six-figure salaries may be the exception, welders such as Guillermo Perez, a recent graduate of TSTC, claim to make more than $30-per-hour as welders.

In an interview, Perez shared: “I couldn’t be happier, I had prior experience in the construction trade, but nothing major. Nobody ever gave me the chance that Bechtel did. Now I make $31.50 an hour plus a daily per diem. I work 56-64 hours a week and have my weekends free to spend with my wife and three kids. I don’t need to work more than that to have a great life. We just moved into a new house and bought a brand-new truck. Life is good.”

Texas isn’t the only place where life is good for welders. Here’s the latest welding news:

Welding Industry

Welding Among Top 25 Growing Careers in Wisconsin: Over the past 25 years, welding has been an in-demand occupation in Wisconsin, and projections for the future indicate much of the same. Currently welding ranks 23rd of the top 25 high-growth career fields in the state of Wisconsin (worknet.wisconsin.gov) with an average of 80 to 120 openings posted annually. In recent years, companies such as Marinette Marine and Oshkosh Corp. have increased their demand for welders. However, this is also a career field where we will see significantly more openings as the workforce ages overall and more welders retire.

Heavy Metal Fabrication Work Keeps Wisconsin Welders Busy: With a surge in new production work orders, Heavy Metal Fabricators is looking to triple, perhaps even quadruple, its welding workforce.

This will make 2015 a busy one for welders at the Custer Street plant, but that’s OK with Brent Moore, 29, who came to Wisconsin after training at an Oklahoma technical school.

Welding Education

Harrisburg Community College Adds Welding Course: HACC is offering a one-year welding program in Lebanon County for students to earn a diploma. Starting Jan. 20, students can begin earning credits to complete the 24-credit program.

The diploma program prepares students with the knowledge and skills to interpret welding blueprints and to learn the techniques of oxy-fuel welding, shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding.

Texas Teens Compete in Welding Contest: The junior welding contest in Corpus Cristi, TX drew in many teen welding contestants who can be seen in this photo slideshow.

Virginia College Trains Students in 18 Months: Limited space is still available for new students interested in starting a welding career to begin classes in January at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center.

Students who enroll in Welding @ SVHEC receive instruction in MIG, TIG, Stick and Pipe welding and are ready to enter the workforce in just 18 months.

Welding Jobs

Wisconsin Businesses Seek More Welders: News is good for central Wisconsin workers looking to pursue a career in welding.Over the next 10 years, the demand for welders and machinists in central Wisconsin will be second only to health care, said Derek Heikkinen, business services director for the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board.

“The problem that (manufacturers) are running into is there’s not enough talent in the talent pool for the supply to meet the demand right now,” Heikkinen said.”

Tennessee College Places All Welding Students in Jobs: The Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Elizabethton has been racking up some impressive statistics in student program completion, job placement and licensure pass rate.

In recent figures released this week, the school claims a 90 percent program completion rate. Those students completing the courses are finding jobs with the school reporting an 88 percent job placement rate. Among the practical nursing graduates, there is a 92 percent licensure pass rate on the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

Welding Events

IBSC Conference, April 19, 2015: Now in its 6th Year, the IBSC remains the premier event for the brazing and soldering community. For years, the IBSC has provided professionals, scientists, and engineers involved in the research, development, and application of brazing and soldering, a unique networking and idea-exchange forum. This three-day conference provides cutting-edge education and technical programming for the brazing and soldering community, as well as peer networking and a full exhibit program, showcasing the latest trends, products, processes, and techniques available in the industry.

Welding Supplies on Sale

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