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TIG Welding in Racing

Daniel Smith is a professional welder who started working toward his dream job at the age of 19 when he found a job working for Haas CNC Racing after graduating from the NASCAR Institute and the 5 Off 5 On Pit Crew University. Smith worked hard on perfecting his TIG welding techniques, learning from experienced welders in his off hours and putting in extra hours at the shop. He soon moved from the tear down shop to the fabrication department.

TIG welding is a critical part of the NASCAR racing industry, with 95% of cars being TIG welded together by experienced fabrication crews. But Smith isn’t content to just work in the shop during the week.

On Sundays you can find Smith changing tires as part of a pit crew.

Either way, Smith’s work is critical for the safety of drivers. His welds must hold if a car crashes, and he needs to be efficient and precise while working in the pit.

Here is the latest welding news for this week:

Welding Industry

Robotic Laser Hybrid Welding Finds Multiple Applications:
“Reis Robotics’ laser hybrid welding system with new welding optics from Reis
Lasertec is finding real-world use.

Laser hybrid welding combines the advantages of the two methods – laser
welding and gas metal arc welding – in a common process. The essential
advantages include very high welding speed, together with minimal distortion and
small heat affected zone, as well as very good metallurgical and mechanical
characteristics of the weld seams.”

Welding Returns to Rust Belt with Artistic Touch: “The company
doing many of the bike rack art projects in Cleveland is Rust Belt Welding Co.,
a business started by two friends who shared a common interest in cycling and
building their own bike frames.”

Welding Jobs

U.S. Manufacturing is Back, But Can Americans Do the Job?
“While the return of manufacturing to the U.S. is welcome news for American
workers, the factory floor is taking on an entirely new look. The days when a
teenager could drop out of school and pick up a well-paid factory job for life
are gone – for good. Today’s factories have far fewer workers and many more
complex machines. A lot of manufacturing jobs require at minimum a two-year tech
degree, to complement skills such as welding.”

Minnesota Welding Company Expands and Adds 32 Jobs: “Sauk
Rapids-based WFSI, Inc., announced plans to use a $200,000 loan to expand its
facility, add 32 new employees, and increase its welding and manufacturing

Technical College Trains Welders for Caterpillar Plant:
“Caterpillar’s human resource manager said the company believes Lanier Technical
College’s welding and joining program will be key to finding great talent for
the company.”

Welding Education

Welding Program Grows at Florida College: “Lindsey Irvine
wasn’t certain about her career path when she enrolled in college and earned her
associate’s degree. The 22-year-old’s future crystallized when she learned
Northwest Florida State College was starting a vocational certificate program in

“When she walked into class the first day, Irvine thought she might get
teased a little about launching a career in the male-dominated field, but so far
no one, including her husband, has given her a hard time. ‘He thinks it’s really
cool,’ she said of her spouse. “He doesn’t want to weld, but he’s like, ‘Go for
it.’ ”

Students in Eastern Kentucky College Prepare to Travel for Welding
“‘Where there is construction and infrastructure, however, chances
are, there are welding jobs,’ said welding instructor Randy Bowling. ‘The
outlook everywhere else–they’re still building power plants,’ he said.
‘Construction–it’s going, and you just have to be willing to travel.’”

New Michigan Welding Program Offers Certification: “Alma-based
Merrill Institute recently received its license to operate as a private school
within Michigan and now is enrolling students for its welding certification
program to start on Oct. 14.”

“The institute creates curriculums that support current and future industry
needs by providing students hands-on learning in a manufacturing environment. It
currently offers an accelerated single semester certification program,
accredited by the American Welding Society. The certification is recognized

Welding Student Makes Prom Dress Out of Duct Tape: “Ashley
Graham says she’s always been “a little different” — and lately that’s worked in
her favor. In her first year as a welding student at the Center for Advanced
Technical Studies (The Center) with just a few months of experience, she won
second place in a statewide welding competition. Last spring, Graham turned
heads at prom when she wore a dress she made out of duct tape as part of a
national scholarship contest. And in her welding class, where she is the only
female student, instructors say Graham has influenced her peers to fuse art into
metal design.”

Welding Events

The 2013 Regional Meeting: The Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA) is a Standing Committee of AWS that represents manufacturers making products for resistance welding process and application. The committee is dedicated to providing a common voice to the resistance welding industry, government bodies, and technical organizations worldwide.

Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
Date: September 26-27, 2013


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