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Round Up of Welding Projects for Beginners

Round Up of Welding Projects for Beginners

Beginner welding projects are a great way to start using your welder. Like building
practical items for your home, work shop, or as gifts to family and friends.

A welding project should provide a useful product for you or someone else while also letting you use your welder in a practical situation. If you’re not experienced with running beads out of position, on thick metal, or uphill/downhill, then a beginning welding project will be a great way to practice your technique without getting in over your head. Here are some of the best welding projects for beginners that we’ve featured:


Source: Instructables Workshop

Metal Welding Table

Welding table are the ideal welding project for beginners. You just start
with the material. The square metal tubing, a grinder or saw, and the welder. You may also need cleaning materials for the metal and paint if you want to finish the metal.

Begin this project by sketching plans to follow. You need to make sure the
table is sturdy enough, so you may need to add additional support such as
cross braces to keep the legs of the table from shifting. 

The amount of welding required for table is fairly minimal, especially depending on the size of the metal you’re working with. You’ll just run some short beads that can always be ground down if you build it up too high with too much amperage.


Welding Steel Stool

Instructable Workshop has plans for an excellent welding steel stool that will be
a great addition to any welding shop and an ideal project for beginners. Much
like the steel table, a steel stool is relatively simple to plan and requires
a little cutting, grinding, and welding.

Since it will be supporting more weight than the steel table it can can be easily welded with a MIG welder. Just be sure to prep and clean the metal if you’re working with shielding gas instead of flux core wire.

The materials you need are a frame, paint, steel, grinder and saw. The first step in this process would be gathering the steel tubes into a square formation. This would be a little easier with magnets or clamps. Once the corners have been lined up you will have to tack the outer and inner corners.

The third step would be building the cross supports. Carefully measure and aline the support systems then tack the corners. The following step would be setting up the dimensions and lining the supports with the legs of the chair and seat. 

Try this project out today.

Charcoal Grill Welding Project

If you want to build your own old fashioned charcoal grill, you just need
some angle iron, metal tubing, and a metal drum that you can clean out and use
for this welding project from Lincoln Electric. You’ll also need a saw that can
cut through the drum, a metal grate for the charcoal, and a good amount of black
paint in order to clean up the grill when you’re done.

You’ll need to do a lot more planning, measuring, cutting, and welding for
this project, but it’s still a very simple design that won’t have too many
challenging weld joints or excessive prep work. In addition, the final result
will be far more delicious once you can fire up your new grill!

Try this project out today.

Weld Your Own Desk

While a desk welding project could also venture into the world of wood
working for a nice writing surface, the basic frame of a desk can be welded
together relatively easily. Just be sure that you don’t make it so large that
you can’t fit it through the doors at your home!

A desk is among the easiest welding projects since it doesn’t require long
weld beads and you can just use square metal tubing that is relatively easy to
work with. However, if you’re a little more ambitious, you can use large metal
legs and weld onto the cross pieces. As with most welding projects, but
especially here, make sure you have plenty of clamps on hand to hold your work
pieces together.

Try this project out today.

Ed Cyzewski


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