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Roses are Red, Miller’s are Blue, Make her a Metal Flower, She Might Stay with You

TIG welded melted roses

Roses on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. When we think of this holiday we think roses, metal roses that is. Not only are they made with love but they also will also last until next Valentine’s Day! Scott Griffin is talented in many ways, one of which is in making metal art. To check out all of his work follow him on Instagram @fortmillforge

Fortmillforge guy holding metal flowers

Scott started making flowers for people as gifts about 10 years ago. He started out using thick material, like 3/16” and would have to hammer and grind way down. Then he would hand cut the 24-gauge steel. After a lot of flowers and practice he got it down to the perfect rose. See below photo of his early work. 

Assorted metal flowers

A Change In Procedure

He knew he could come up with something better than hand cutting, so for several months he played with different patterns and finally got what became his rose. Now, he uses a laser to create his metal art. Shout out to Sweatts Machine Shop for helping with the laser-cutting program. Scott drew his design of the rose on a piece of cardboard and his buddy was able to program it. It turned out great!

Handcrafted metal roses

Scott uses three pieces four sided to start the rose. He then bolts them together with short ¼” bolts, lock washers, and nuts. The most difficult process he described was forming them by hand. Depending on the type of colors he is looking for he determines what tools to use.

The pictured roses below are all cold formed with pliers, needle nose, and channel locks. He bends and manipulates the pedals until they are perfect. Once the rose is formed he applies a dot of silicon bronze filler rod to the bottom of the bolt. Then he pre welds hand cut 22 gauge leaves on before he welds the stem to the rose to keep it flat. Next he normally does two leaves per stem. Finally, he TIG welds what he needs to with a high frequency start TIG welder with foot pedal.

TIG welded melted roses

How To Get Your Own

Looking for a dozen roses for someone special? Maybe a wedding gift idea? He does sell these roses! Message him on Instagram for pricing and availability. To purchase welding supplies and create some of your own art work, visit www.bakersgas.com today!

Marta L.


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