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Resources to Help You Build and Weld a Utility Trailer

Utility Trailer

If you don’t own a truck and you have to regularly haul oddly shaped cargo, a utility trailer can be indispensable. Utility trailers range in size and shape. Some are simple while others have roofs. With a little welding experience and several free hours it can be quite simple to make your own utility trailer.


EHow – This site gives easy step-by-step directions to building a very basic utility

Champion Trailer – This website provides detailed instructions and sells kits.

Books/Instruction Manuals

Build Your Own Utility Trailer – This provides a comprehensive look at building
all types of trailers.  

Utility Trailer Plans – Author Matt Kline has released sets of instructions on how to build a utility trailer. There are a few different sizes and variations available.

Youtube Videos

The utility trailer plans from Matt Kline also have a very detailed video to accompany it, take a look below.

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