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The Portable Battery-Powered Welder: ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i

ESAB Renegade Package

Are you tired of being tethered to a power source when you're welding? Do you crave the freedom to take your welding skills to remote locations? Look no further than the ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i, a revolutionary cordless welder that's redefining the welding experience. In this blog post, we'll explore the myriad benefits of this innovative welding powerhouse and why it should be your next tool of choice. Check out our full review video below! 


The Power of Portability

The ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i is not your typical welder. This game-changing device offers the perfect blend of portability and cutting-edge welding technology, making it a great tool for welders on the move. Whether you're working in remote locations or tackling challenging projects far from AC mains power, the Renegade VOLT has you covered.

ESAB Renegade Volt Specs

Versatile Welding Options

One of the standout features of the Renegade VOLT is its versatility. This cordless welder boasts both Stick (SMAW) and Live TIG (GTAW) capabilities. But here's the game-changer: it can be powered by Battery, Mains, or the innovative AMP+ Hybrid Mode. This means you're not limited to a single power source, giving you the flexibility to adapt to your working environment.

Unleash the Power of DEWALT FLEXVOLT Batteries

The Renegade VOLT is designed to work seamlessly with DEWALT FLEXVOLT batteries, available in 6 Ah, 9 Ah, and 12 Ah options. With four 12 Ah batteries you can weld confidently, knowing you won't run out of power mid-project. Imagine welding up to 33 (E6013) electrodes on a single charge – that's the kind of freedom this welder offers.*

Dewalt Flexvolt logo

Innovative AMP+ Hybrid Mode

The Renegade VOLT goes a step further with its AMP+ Hybrid Mode. This mode sains power with battery power and prevents disruptive trips on smaller breaker sizes. It even boosts output when you're welding on a 120V input. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to consistent, high-quality welding.

Built Tough for the Field

Engineered with ruggedness in mind, the Renegade VOLT features an impact-resistant housing and multiple lift points, making it a breeze to use in challenging field conditions. The vibrant color-screen user interface is optimized for outdoor use, ensuring you can operate it even under direct sunlight. Stay informed and in control with the battery status display and remaining arc time calculator.

Superior Welding Quality

When it comes to welding quality, the Renegade VOLT doesn't disappoint. It offers advanced features like hot start, arc force, memory storage, and cellulosic mode (6010). These features ensure optimal performance based on your application and preferences, giving you the confidence to tackle any welding task.

Key Highlights at a Glance

  • Achieve 200 A output on AC mains (230V)
  • Reach up to 140 A output on battery power
  • Comes with four DEWALT FLEXVOLT 20V/60V max 12 Ah batteries
  • Benefit from the AMP+ hybrid mode for enhanced power
  • Embrace the lightweight and portable design
  • Count on the durability of the impact-resistant housing
  • Enjoy the user-friendly interface, even in sunny conditions
  • Store and retrieve welding parameters effortlessly with the memory storage feature
  • 3 Year Warranty on the machine
  • Iron Clad 100% Satisfaction - If you do not like it, send it back to ESAB for store credit to put towards a different machine

Upgrade Your Welding Game

The ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i is more than a welder; it's a welding revolution. Experience the freedom to weld whenever, wherever, with unmatched precision and power. Don't let limitations hold you back – upgrade your welding game with the ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i and unlock your full potential as a welder. With its portability, versatility, and cutting-edge features, it's time to take your welding skills to the next level. Make the smart choice and invest in the Renegade VOLT today. Your welding journey will never be the same again. Join the revolution and get your VOLT at Baker's Gas! **IN STOCK** Baker's Bonus right now of $50 gift card with purchase! 

Check out our FAQ on the ESAB Renegade Volt ES 200i for more info

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