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Reap the Benefits of the Lincoln Ranger 330MPX EFI

Lincoln Ranger EFI in bed of truck

Lincoln has always been well known for their engine drive welders, powerful and dependable. Now they have released one of the best yet, the Lincoln Ranger 330MPX EFI Welder Generator w/ GFCI. Packed with upgrades that will help save time and money.  

What is EFI? -  Electronic Fuel Injection

In the title you might be wondering what EFI is. That would mean the motor is electronically fuel injected so no more carb which means no more choke and less downtime. Fuel consumption is also more efficient so less fuel trips, longer runs time and once again less down time for more production. EFIs also start easier in colder climates as well as higher altitudes. This unit is built for all four seasons. If you are in the mountains or a colder area of the world, this would be a great option! 

  • Excels in high altitude applications
  • Quick and easy starts in cold weather with no choke required
  • Constant operation and improved fuel efficiency¬†
Lighter and Quieter

This unit is the lightest in it class and also the quietest! Averaging about 20% smaller in size and weight than the competitors in the same class without losing any power. This machine can fit in tighter places and becomes much more mobile than others. Also being quieter than other machines it is allowed on more job sites and does not strain the ears as much. The power to weight ratio is unbeatable! With 100% duty cycle at 330 amps this Ranger can take on any job

Digital Interface / Smarter

The machine is the first to incorporate a digital screen for exact precision when setting up. The screen virtually indestructible with gorilla glass so no worries on it wearing out. ArcFX  provides instant graphical feedback is provided on how your setting will affect the outcome of the weld. With a true to size scale of metal thickness on the screen, you can literally match up your plate with the thickness on the welder and it will input the recommended settings. You also have the option to put a 4 digit pin on your machine incase you do not want people using the machine. 

Another sweet feature about the Ranger 330MPX EFI is the Spoolgun directly hooks up to to it. No need for an extra cable, aka saving $$$! Also for wire feeds no extra cables required and the feeder still communicates just fine with the engine drive. (To learn more about the Active8X check out this video) 

Lincoln Engine Drive Value 

This machine has all kinds of ways to save money, from fuel consumption to safety benefits. Here is a summary of this engine drive. 

  • Clean AC generator with 10 kW of continuous power
  • Plenty of power at 330A/28V for 100% duty cycle to weld ¬ľ in. 7018 electrode
  • The Magnum PRO 250 LX GT Direct Connect Spool Gun
  • Arc gouging capabilities up to 3/16‚ÄĚ carbon electrode
  • 25 HP EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Engine provides consistent operations on the jobsite
  • Compact Size
  • Low Decibel Rating
  • Easy-to-use Digital User Interface

If you are looking for an engine drive contact us for a custom quote. Shop all Lincoln Engine drives at Baker's Gas for knowledgable support and service. 

Let us know if you have any questions with a comment below. Also check out our youtube video for the Ranger 330 MPX non EFI to see the differences. 

Steve N.

Regular price $360.00 USD
Sale price $360.00 USD
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Lincoln Ranger 330MPX Welder/Generator w/GFCI - K3459-1

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