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Prep Metal Faster for Welding with 3M Cubitron II Abrasives

Welding prep can be simplified and sped up dramatically by using a reliable angle grinder with a top of the line abrasive disc. Whether you need to polish metal, remove an old weld, smooth out a weld, fabricators need a reliable disc to get the job done quickly and effectively without wearing down after a few uses.

If you want to run a tight operation that is efficient and doesn’t sink a ton of cash into materials, the new 3M Cubitron II abrasives are gaining a reputation for virtually eating up metal, whether steel or aluminum. And while supplies last, you can get a free sample pack of abrasives (including: Cubitron II Cut-Off Wheel, 3M Bristle Disc, 3M Grinding Wheel, 3M Cubitron II Flap Disc) with the purchase of select grinders.

What to Look for in Grinding Abrasives?

The 3M Cubitron II line of abrasives for angle grinders have a stiff vulcanized backing that is durable and tough on metal. Whether you need to cut thin metal on the fly or grind down an old weld, you want an abrasive that quickly removes metal without requiring lots of time or having to be replaced frequently. The faster a grinder smooths out the metal, the faster you can get to work and the less money you have to spend on replacement discs.

How 3M Cubitron II Abrasives Give You an Edge

Working with mild steel and stainless steel can get tricky when your grinder heats up the metal from working on the surface too long. By using a top of the line 3M Cubitron II abrasive you can get a faster cut-rate and keep metal cooler since you’ll need less time on the job. You’ll also minimize discoloration/oxidation that could lead to cracks from heating up the metal too much.

A cooler abrasive is also a sharper abrasive that will last longer. In fact, welders and metal-workers who use the 3M Cubitron II discs report that they are far more effective than the conventional ceramic grain discs. Even welders who had written off previous 3M products have reported excellent results with these new discs.

While these discs are not recommended for rusty surfaces, they can deliver clean, smooth welds when beveling or facing a weld with a completely flat surface. When the appearance of your weld matters the most, these are the abrasives you want to use.

The Nitty GrittyÂť of 3M Cubitron II Abrasive Discs

Significant research, testing, and refining have gone into the design of 3M’s Cubitron II abrasive discs that have a proprietary design that shapes the grains on the discs into particularly sharp triangles that form a series of peaks that self-sharpen as they cut through metal. By slicing through metal, rather than gouging or ploughing, they retain their sharp angles and remain effective long after the competition’s abrasives wear down.

Some users report that these abrasives can last two or three times longer than their competitors. In a few cases, fabricators have brought their own packs of 3M abrasives into work in order to demonstrate to their supervisors how much faster they can work with them!

Learn More about 3M Abrasives for Angle Grinders

Don’t forget that you can land a free sample pack of abrasives, worth a $46.95 value, for a limited time while supplies last when you purchase select grinders. Visit Baker’s Gas and Welding today to check out our rock bottom prices for brand name angle grinders and industry-leading abrasives.


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