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Portable, Powerful, and Reliable Stick Welding with the Miller Thunderbolt 160

Portable, Powerful, and Reliable Stick Welding with the Miller Thunderbolt 160

Looks can be deceiving. The Miller Thunderbolt 160 sets itself apart from other stick welders by combining best in class power (20-80 amps at 120 Volts, 20-160 amps at 240 Volts) with a light and highly portable machine that weighs a shocking 15 pounds. That’s 100 pounds lighter than other machines while delivering an additional 85 amps of power!

Stick Pipe weld application

We’re only just getting started on the surprises in store with the Thunderbolt 160 and Thunderbolt 210 DC Stick Welders from Miller Electric. 

Before reading up on the features and specs, check out this demonstration video that includes a comparison with a 1988 Miller Thunderbolt stick welder:


The Capabilities of the Miller Thunderbolt 160 DC Stick Welder

What can you do with the Miller Thunderbolt? Provided you’re ready to work on DC power only.

Whether you’re working on a project at home, taking your welder for repairs in the fields or highways, or fabricating ships, this is the ideal machine for portable applications where you need to get the job done right the first time. 

You can weld just about anywhere with the Miller Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) that easily swaps between 120 and 240 V outlets. And when it comes to welding steel or stainless steel, you can weld 3/16 inch material at 120 V power and 3/8 inch material at 240 V power. 

Miller’s Hot Start Technology makes it a snap for new or experienced welders to strike arcs quickly and reliably the first time, saving time, materials, and sanity. And once you start welding, Miller’s highly precise amperage control keeps your heat output right on target. 

Tests by the Baker’s staff found that it runs a smooth, steady arc and throws enough power to weld far more efficiently than older Miller Electric stick welder models and competing models. 

Both models of the Thunderbolt come with a cable bag that can hold everything you need on the go when you’re traveling with your welder. 

Max Out Your Welding Power with the Miller Thunderbolt 210 DC Stick Welder

When you need to max out your power at 230 volts without the benefit of working at lower power settings, this is the stick welding machine for you. It still only ways just over 15 pounds, so you don’t sacrifice any portability with this new machine that welds up to ½ inch material. 

You’ll find all of the same features as that make the Thunderbolt 160 such a remarkably affordable, portable, and reliable stick welder. 

What You Need to Stick Weld

Stick welding is a simple way to go. No shielding gas. No pedals. You don’t even need to prep your metal if you want to weld right over rust! 

However, there are some essential supplies you need to keep on hand. Thankfully Baker’s has thought of everything and provides them in a discounted Baker’s Bundle, charging $45 for $54 worth of stick welding supplies 

The Baker’s bundle for stick welding includes:

  • Set of Miller MIG/Stick welding gloves
  • Esab vac pack with 32 stick welding electrodes
  • Rod guard storage tube to keep electrodes dry
  • Chipping hammer for cleaning welds

Rod guard storage tubes are especially useful for keeping stick welding electrodes dry since moisture can lead to porosity and even cracks in your welds. Moist electrodes can also perform poorly, with erratic arcs during welding. 

Learn More about Miller’s Thunderbolt Stick Welders

Drop by Baker’s Gas and Welding to learn more about the Thunderbolt 160 and Thunderbolt 210 DC Stick Welders from Miller Electric, on sale as of this writing. These light and powerful machines are popular sellers and the Baker’s Bundle promotion will run as long as supplies last. 

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