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Portable and Powerful Stick Welding with the Miller Thunderbolt

Portable and Powerful Stick Welding with the Miller Thunderbolt

Welding garages, farms, repair shops, production facilities, and shipyards can all benefit from Miller’s Thunderbolt 160 and 210 stick welders, which match portability and power in a surprisingly small but feature-rich welding machine.

You have a chance to save hundreds of dollars for a limited time when you pick up one of these welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding and combine your order with other Miller products, but let’s begin with a look at the specs on these two stick welders:

Start Fast and Weld with Control

Most Miller welders come with the Hot Start feature, providing easy, quick, and reliable arc starts that minimize spatter or sticking. It’s a snap to get started with your welding work when you don’t have to worry about striking an arc.

Once your arc is going, you’ll enjoy Miller’s infinite amperage control over your heat output, making it easier to control the temperature of the weld. Your welds will be more precise and accurate, minimizing the risk of burn through or distortion while you work.

A Fifteen Pound Stick Welder

The Thunderbolt 160 and 210 models are 100 pounds lighter than you’d expect for the amount of power they bring to the work site. Both machines weigh just a hair over 15 pounds, making them easy to transport to all kinds of welding job sites.

You can carry your welder with a shoulder strap or its rugged handle. And if you have concerns about the reliability of this portable welder, Miller backs it up with a 3 year True Blue warranty for unparalleled peace of mind.

Powerful Welding Options

The Thunderbolt 160 can weld between 20-160 amps at 20%-30% duty cycles, and the Thunderbolt 210 can weld up to 210 amps with a 20% duty cycle.

The 160 can alternate between 120 V and 240 V with Miller’s easy to use Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) option. The 210 models

Welders will often turn to the Thunderbolt when they’re working with mild steel. You can expect to work with 1/16 – ⅛ inch mild steel when welding at 120 V on the 160, and then maxing out at 5/32 inches on the 240 V option. When working with the 210, you’ll be able to weld 1/16 – 3/16 inch mild steel at 240 V.

Stack Up Your Savings on Miller Products

While you can save hundreds of dollars on the Miller Thunderbolt 160 and 210 stick welders by purchasing them today at Baker’s Gas and Welding (while supplies and promotions last), there are additional savings available if you spend $1,000 on Miller products on your total order. If you’re looking to upgrade your welding helmet to the latest welding helmet, such as the Digital Infinity or the T94, now is the time to stack up your savings.

At the Baker’s Gas and Welding online store, it’s easy to add electrodes and other related products to your order. You’ll find reviews and free shipping for most orders over $50 in the lower 48 states.



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