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Online Training

Manufacturers have unique training needs. They need to make sure that their workers are trained properly and that the training actually matches the jobs that they need done. They also need to ensure that their workers are making adequate progress. Somehow, they have to be in the know as to just what their workers are learning. That is where Tooling U comes in.

Tooling U is an online training provider that was developed by Jergens, Inc., and was purchased by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 2010. It is designed to offer online training classes that are specifically designed for manufacturers. The classes are written for welders, metal manufacturers, maintenance professionals and assemblers. The classes are delivered through a learning management system that allows employers to see reports of how the employees are doing as well as being able to track their progress through the courses. The online classes are tied to hands-on activities that will help to solidify what an employee learns. To further allow manufacturers to cater to their own needs, there are content-development services, support for multiple languages, and customization tools.

Tooling U started in 2001 with only 30 classes, focusing on such subjects as shop maths and metal cutting. Since then, Tooling U has released many more classes covering a wide variety of topics. More programs are in development every year. Tooling U currently has thousands of students who log on every week for training.

In order to take advantage of the classes that Tooling U offers, a student does not have to be employed by a company that uses the training system. Tooling U also offers individual memberships for people who simply want to further their education or brush up on some skills. Corporate and group account as well as those looking for school and educational accounts should call Tooling U at (866) 706-8665. Individuals can sign up online at Tooling U's website for a monthly charge. Other options are to pay for a half year or a full year.

Testing is done online through a series of multiple choice questions. The classes meet the standards of the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). These standards apply to students who are in the metal-forming and machining industries. Once an individual meets the performance requirements and passes a series of tests, then he or she will receive certification in a specific NIMS standard. NIMS standards available are measurement, materials, and safety I, job planning, benchwork, and layout I, milling I, grinding I, and many others.

Other training classes adhere to the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) standards. These standards come from a program that is industry-led and gives people the knowledge and skills that they need for entry-level employment in production. There are four tests required to get this certification, all of which are available at Tooling U.

Continuing education is always an important aspect of any job. Employers can help their workers receive the continuing education that they need in order to maintain their certification. Those who wish to simply increase their knowledge and make themselves more valuable employees can also enjoy getting continuing education credits. The cost of continuing education can be daunting, but Tooling U has a partnership with Ohio State University's Center for Corporate and Community Education.

There are over 500 classes available for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Essential technical topics are available for everyone from shop floor personnel to key engineers. Those who are looking to further their education can do so from home or from work. The training program reduces the hassles of traveling to seminars and greatly reduces costs.

To find out more about the welding classes or other classes that can help further your career, check out Tooling U at www.toolingu.com.

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