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Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your Welding Helmet

Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your Welding Helmet

Now is the best time to upgrade your welding helmet with the latest helmets from Miller and Lincoln, including the Viking, Infinity, and Digital Elite versions. A combination of rock bottom sale prices, rebates, and special offers make this the ideal time to get helmets that offer some of the best protection, comfort, and visibility on the market.

Here’s a look at what you can find at Baker’s this month:

Miller’s Digital Infinity Welding Helmet

The Digital Infinity from Miller, the company’s latest welding helmet, is well worth the investment too, with a 13.4 square-inch viewing area that offers the advantage of a widescreen view for excellent clarity and field of vision. All of the controls are digital, easy to read, and simple to adjust.

If you loved the Digital Elite, then the upgrades and improvements in the Digital Infinity will add a whole new level of visibility and protection.

Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet on Miller’s standby, the Digital Elite, you’ll soon find out why so many welders won’t turn to any other helmet–that is, unless they use the Digital Infinity. Like the Infinity, the Digital Elite has four arc sensors and the full range of cutting options: Weld (Shade 8-13), Cut (Shade 5-8), Grind (Shade 3). The Elite has a viewing area that’s a little over 9 inches.

Miller’s top helmets, such as the Infinity and Digital Elite offer superior protection with X-Mode. When you’re welding with low amperage or in an obstructed area, you’ll be fully protected by X-Mode.

Both Miller helmets come with three-year warranties and designed to be sturdy and long-lasting for both home and work welding projects.

Lincoln’s Viking Welding Helmet 4C

The Lincoln Viking welding helmet 3350 takes Lincoln’s top of the line helmet to a whole new level. The most noticeable part of this revamped helmet is what you won’t see. Adding a crystal clear, 1-1-1-1 clarity glass, you’ll have a completely clear viewing area that will give you a perfect view of your work area with a real color view and shade from any angle.

When you need to take a break from your work, the Viking’s pivot headgear provides excellent comfort whenever you shift your helmet up. Its light weight makes it ideal for welding all day with significantly less eye strain compared to other helmets. In fact, that will be an option with its increased battery life thanks to improve ADF circuitry, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about your battery running out.

Upgrade Your Welding Helmet Today

If it’s time to pick up a new welding helmet, the latest models from Miller and Lincoln are well worth a look. There are many promotions and rebates running right now. However, you can find the most competitive prices on name brand welding helmets, including Speedglas helmets, over at Baker’s Gas and Welding while these offers last. Check out our welding helmet page or visit the Build with Blue promotion to find the helmet that works best for you.

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