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Now Is the Time to Stock Up on Tillman Welding Supplies and Gloves

Now Is the Time to Stock Up on Tillman Welding Supplies and Gloves

Now is the time to stock up on Tillman’s welding supplies such as welding gloves, welding jackets, and other welding safety gear. Tillman welding gloves are among the bestselling products at Baker’s Gas and Welding.

Can you make a purchase large enough for this flat rate shipping offer? You bet. Here are some ideas for getting started on your welding supplies stock up:

Tillman Work Gloves

You don’t want to use welding gloves while you’re working around the shop or prepping materials for a welding project. If you’re cleaning up, cutting metal, or doing any other kind of work in your welding shop, don’t risk damaging your high quality welding gloves. Tillman’s work gloves have a comfortable, snug fit that makes it easy to get a solid grip.

You’ll find summer and winter work gloves made out of a variety of materials such as pig skin or goat skin, with pig skin providing firm durability and goat skin providing more flexibility. In addition, some work gloves provide a padded palm if you’re working all day and want to protect your palms. Tillman’s gloves are also adjustable with a Velcro wrist strap for a perfect fit.

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MIG Welding Gloves

Tillman’s MIG welding gloves are also industry leaders with their dexterity and superior protection. You can find Tillman MIG welding welding gloves in pigskin, cowhide, deerskin, and cowskin. Cowskin and deerskin will give you a little more dexterity, while the pigskin will provide the most protection.

One of the really nice features of these gloves is the large cuff on these MIG welding gloves. Welding kicks up a lot of sparks and heat, so you don’t want to just cover your hands. Your wrists will get hit with plenty of sparks, so it makes sense to wear gloves that can cover your wrists and protect your shirt.

Some reviewers have also noted that Tillman’s MIG welding gloves are ideal for protecting your hands while grinding, which is convenient since most auto darkening welding helmets come with a grind mode now that makes it easy to jump from one job to another without having to stop to remove your helmet. You may as well keep your gloves on too!

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Don’t forget that Tillman offers many of the same excellent features in their other welding gloves for TIG and stick welding. You’ll be able to find durable, comfortable welding gloves that will provide all of the protection you could ever need in a welding glove.

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Welding Sleeves and Hand Protection

Tillman provides a lot more than welding gloves in their collection of welding supplies. You can also find welding sleeves that provide complete protection along your arms without having to wear a heavy welding jacket. This is ideal for welders in a warm climate. If you’ve stick welding or welding out of position, you better believe sparks and spatter will land on your arms, so the best move you can make is to protect your arms with durable leather welding sleeves.

However, sometimes sleeves and gloves aren’t enough to protect your hand when you’re welding in tight for a long stretch. The heat will get to your hand unless you have some extra protection. Tillman provides hand pads that you can wear on the back of your hand. that keeps your hands flexible without having to buy new gloves or wear gloves that are too thick for a delicate process like TIG welding. In fact, TIG gloves tend to be thin enough that extra protection will really help protect you from the heat.

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Welding Jackets

For welders in cooler climates who need additional protection, leather welding jackets from Tillman take care of your welding protection needs.

However, welders on busy work sites will be interested in Tillman’s high visibility welding jackets that come in colors such as orange and yellow and have reflective strips on them. You’ll be safe from welding sparks and from heavy machinery in your work area.

Lastly, for welders in warm climates who want more protection while welding, Tillman also offers light weight welding jackets that are flame resistant.


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